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8 Signs from your Intuition you should Never Ignore

There are occasions when intuitions arrive in a decisive and dazzling way. When it happens, do not ignore them, because the higher self knows where to lead you.

You could make a huge difference in promoting your goals, aspirations and personal relationships.

Always listen when:


Everything seems to be fine but a feeling tells you that it is not.

Logic has nothing to do with “feeling”. If a person you love is in trouble or you are about to be involved in something unpleasant, your sixth sense could “get alert”.


Feel that a choice resonates with your soul

Even if you do not understand the reason rationally do not ignore it. (eg start a course that has nothing to do with your work). It can be a way that will lead you to a deep emotional, spiritual and material fulfillment.


Feel that you feel love or sympathy in a totally irrational way towards a person.

Probably it is a relationship that will have much to teach you.


You are engaged but you have the feeling that it will not last.

And on an instinctive level, you know you do not love that person all the way.


Really feel that something does not work as it should on a physical level.

Do not wait and book a check-up with your doctor.


You are involved in a job or in a situation where “something is not right”.

Your Spirit, even if you do not remember it, recognizes the patterns you have already experienced (unsuccessfully) in past lives.


Think of helping a person and you do not know why.

It could be part of a “plan” chosen by your soul to evolve.


An opportunity, a person, an event, unexpectedly present themselves in your life.

Sometimes we tend to think too much by boycotting a personal success.

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