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7 Important Dream Symbols You should Not Ignore

Dreams have always attracted universal interest. As history students know, they have sometimes decided the destinies of entire nations and individuals. Modern studies show us that they are at the origin of many beliefs, myths and religions, fables, superstitions, and even certain scientific ideas and theories.


Why interpret our dreams?

Dreams play a vital role in our lives, but many of us fail to recognize their importance. The dream world lets us see the richness and depth of the human spirit and reminds us that we are only touching the surface.

The verb “to dream” is defined as a combination of thoughts, sounds, and images communicated to our mind while we sleep. Dreams can sometimes seem strange, scary, or fascinating or a little crazy. Anyway, it’s up to you to take them seriously or not.

Dreams are increasingly seen as a useful source of information for self-awareness and personal development. The symbolic language of dreams, once decoded, can offer new perspectives, whether to solve problems of everyday life or to better understand each other.

Here are 7 important symbols during a dream that should not be ignored:



Dreaming of boxes.

Dreaming of boxes usually means that you have the feeling that you are hiding something. An empty box probably indicates a feeling of disappointment.

When you dream of several boxes, it means that you have difficulties managing your feelings and that it would be better to hide them.


Dreaming of phones.

The ringing of a phone means that part of your personality is finally coming into contact with your Self, as it should. It may be that a perceptive situation arises shortly. If you do not answer the phone call, you may choose to ignore these messages.


Dreaming of flying.

When flying in a dream, this is generally considered a lucid dream. These types of dreams are a warning signal coming from your subconscious mind. Flying can mean that you are having trouble in your waking life and that you are trying to regain control.


Dreaming of the Moon.

When you see the moon in a dream, it indicates your creative side that is slightly revealed, but that tends to be hidden, sometimes invisible, or evasive.


Dreaming of roads.

Roads are the symbol of your journey through life. If you are dreaming of a paved path or an asphalt road, you are likely to see progress in your adventure in a fairly simple way. If the road is cloudy, and difficult to drive safely, you are probably worried about your future.


Dreaming of flowers.

Seeing a flower button indicates that new opportunities will soon come up. Plant germination may mean that some of the things you have planted are about to come to life. Dead flowers indicate that a chapter of your life is about to end.


Dreaming of water.

Seeing water in dreams tends to reflect your ambition in life. If you tend to dream of the ocean, it may be time to take on bigger opportunities and take risks. If you dream of shallow streams and small ponds, this may indicate that you are too ambitious.


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