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How to Recognize our Friends from Past Lives using this Special Technique

” You can come into daily contact with some people and yet not feel sympathy for them. You have to adapt to these people and learn to love them. But there are others for whom you instantly feel sympathy from the first meeting; it is as if you had always known them. This indicates that they were your friends from previous incarnations. Do not neglect them, but strengthen this friendship. Frequently such old friends approach you drawn into the orbit of your life by the friendship born in that dark, distant, past. ”
~ Paramahansa Yogananda

As promised, in this article we will talk about how to recognize friends from previous lives, what technique to adopt to be able to perceive whether or not you are facing an “old” friend and how to transform this friendship from “true” into “divine” for being able to take another small step towards inner happiness.



First, we learn to adapt to the people we come into contact with every day.

We all meet new people and for some of them we do not feel an immediate sympathy: in this case, we will have to learn to know them and love them, but for others, we will happen to immediately feel sympathy from the first meeting: it is as we had always known them! This is a very strong indication that they may have been our friends from previous incarnations.

Let us not neglect such friendships, but strengthen them. Paramahansaji urged to always be on the lookout for friends of past incarnations to continue this relationship and perfect it in order to nurture our spiritual growth. So he addressed his pupils:

“Keep calm when you meet others: mental restlessness and distraction can prevent you from recognizing friends from past lives. Frequently such old friends approach you drawn into the orbit of your life by the friendship born in that distant past. They make up your brilliant collection of anime stars. Increase it steadily and seek in this brilliant galaxy to see the one Great Friend, who smiles at you radiantly and completely. It is the Universe, which comes to you in the manner of a true and noble friend, who serves you, inspires you and helps you “.



A technique to Recognize Friends from Past Life.

A technique to Recognize Friends from Past Life

There is a technique that we can use, as long as the other person wants to try it, to find out if you have been friends in previous lives.

Sit facing each other. Breathe deeply and calm your thoughts, the ideal would be to make this attempt after meditating or doing breathing exercises. Empty your minds and try not to be distracted by your surroundings.

Concentrate your attention on the “third eye”, fixing your gaze on the center of the forehead of the person in front of you, relaxing your eyes trying not to blink.

Little by little you will see his face and, he or she, yours transform. These may be the features of the one with whom you have come into contact in your past life. It can also happen to have flashbacks of situations you have lived together and it is not uncommon for these flashbacks to be reciprocal. If you succeed, deepen this technique and add it to others like regressive hypnosis.

Each of us has his own personal conception of physical and mental beauty. What looks deformed to one may look beautiful to another. Looking at a crowd, we will immediately like some faces, others not. The first clue to which we must listen in order to suspect being in front of a friend of a past incarnation is the immediate attraction of our mind to its intimate and external characteristics.

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Another key point is not to be fooled by physical beauty.

How to Recognize our Friends from Past Lives using this Special Technique

Let us ask ourselves if the expression of a face, the way of walking, anything about a particular individual reminds us of something or not. Sometimes eating too much and lacking in exercise can change a friend’s face from past incarnations to the point of letting our search escape. But an out-of-shape body can welcome the soul of a real friend.

How many times have we happened to say: but how does that, or that, stay with one, or one, like this? A beautiful woman can fall in love with a modest man or, a handsome man of a physically dull woman; if it is a true feeling what ties them together, the explanation is simple: the motivation is due to a knowledge of the two in a previous life.

Therefore, let us not rely only on our own eyes, dwelling on the physical characteristics of a person alone to believe that he may have been an old friend, and let us be sure that he is mentally and spiritually congenial.

Let’s protect ourselves from the dangers of prejudice. We dig deeply into that person’s mind to find out if tastes and inclinations essentially agree. We seek our friends from past lives in order to continue this friendship in this life and perfect it in divine friendship. Not a single life is always enough to reach the perfection of the unconditional divine love between friends. Read Also: 8 Signs You’ve Met Someone from Your Soul Group.

A malevolent disposition and selfishness remove all friends from past incarnations since friendship drags them towards us. Therefore we must always be ready to meet him halfway. It doesn’t matter if one or two friends prove to be false and abandon us: from others, who are true friends, we will take more blessings.

True friendship is a spiritual attraction that unites our souls in the bond of divine love, understood as the highest form of spiritual relationship. This can occur between two or more people.

Master Yogananda thus explained the nature of divine friendship:

“The Spirit was one. With the law of duality it becomes twofold: positive and negative. Thus, with the law of infinity applied to that of relativity, it becomes manifold. Now the One in the  manifold is trying to bring the multiple together and make it come back one. This effort of the Spirit to reunite the numerous souls in the One is realized through our emotions, our intelligence, our intuitions, and finds its greatest expression in friendship. When divine friendship reigns supreme in the temple of your heart, your soul will join the vast Cosmic Soul, leaving behind the limited bonds that separate it from all the animate and inanimate things created by the Universe. “

Only the mutual effort to build the agreement between wisdom, intuitiveness, and spirituality can link two souls with the laws of the eternal, divine universal love. When there is true friendship between two souls and they strive to find spiritual love and God’s love together, then their friendship produces the flame of the Spirit. Through their perfect divine friendship, mutually seeking spiritual perfection, they find the Great Friend.


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