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9 Simple Rituals to Live Your Life Consciously

Are you simply passing through your days passively, or are you living your full potential?

In the past, for many years, I lived as if life ran in front of me and I was there waiting for something to happen. I felt like I was getting ready for something that would happen later.

But let us reflect: can today really only be the preparation of tomorrow? I really do not think so. Indeed, I believe that today is the great affair, the magnificent moment in which the authentic spectacle of life is staged.

Today is the great event, not tomorrow.

Try then to live today in a full way starting to be aware and present at the moment.

I know very well that this is much easier said than done because awareness is not a habit that is acquired in an instant, but on the contrary must be cultivated and kept in training as if it were a muscle.

In this perspective, the idea is to propose some of the daily rituals that can be of more help to appreciate every moment is to live it with awareness.

Ritual is not something to be incorporated into a sterile routine. It is indeed an effective way to build something positive in your life, not to lose the relationship with what is really important for you. If practiced with awareness, a ritual can help you be conscious and awake moment by moment.

Here are some, try to put them into practice, they will help you live your days with more awareness:


1. Sit in the morning.

In the quiet of the morning, when you get up, before sipping a good coffee, try taking a comfortable pillow and sitting on the floor. Simply try to become aware of your every muscle, feel your body awaken and celebrate in silence and harmony the new day that is born. 

Quietly seated, watch your breath as the air comes in and out into the lungs. Meditation is the best way to start the day.


2. Brush your teeth.

We all brush our teeth, of course, but often we do it while we are busy at the same time in other activities or while we are thinking about something else. 

Try then to focus solely on the simple task of brushing your teeth, focused on the toothbrush that moves between your teeth, from one side of the mouth to the other. Focus only on this, you will certainly do a better job and you will realize how many activities we often do automatically, without any awareness.


3. Eat with awareness.

When it’s time to eat, turn off the TV, put away the computer and the phone, close books and newspapers. Just simply dedicated to food. 

Savor every morsel that you bring to your mouth, feel the taste and chew with care, stay aware and present at the moment. Eat slowly, with gratitude, attention, and awareness. Your digestion, your mind and your level of serenity and harmony will benefit you.


4. Wash your plate.

When you have finished eating, wash your dishes. Do it with full attention and awareness. Feel the water sliding down your hands, feel the temperature and the gentle touch. 

Do not think about what you did during the day or what you will have to deal with later, simply stay focused in the present moment, focusing exclusively on your dishes that you are washing. This will greatly help you to develop awareness, presence and mental clarity.


5. Drink tea.

There is an ancient tradition behind the tea ceremony. Somehow, every time you drink your cup of tea with presence and awareness, you are intimately connecting with millions of others who have followed the same ritual for millennia. 

Make tea one of your rituals. Prepare the tea with care and awareness, pour it slowly and sip it gently, present and focused on the moment. Try to dedicate a moment of your time to this ritual every day, your day will be transformed into a positive one.


6. Walk slowly.

Whenever you have the chance, take the opportunity to take a walk. Walk, simply step by step, quiet and aware. Walk slowly, pay attention to your breathing, to the movement of your steps, aware of the sounds, shapes, and colors around you. 

Do not worry about the destination, simply stay in the present, make your moment of awareness walk.


7. Read in silence.

Find a quiet moment of your day (early morning or evening, for example), choose a quiet place and read a good book. Do not turn on the TV, the radio or anything else, simply immerse yourself totally in the world of your novel. 

It may seem a contradiction to let your mind abandon the present moment to digress into the imaginary world of a novel, but this is a remarkable opportunity to train your ability to focus.


8. Observe people.

Every moment, every situation is a fantastic opportunity to be present and attentive to those close to you. Do not ignore those you meet, make sure that each person represents your opportunity to make your day more splendid and bright. 

Observe the miracle that resides in each person, be grateful for the precious good that others represent. Remind those close to you that they are extraordinarily important to you.


9. Work by focusing on one activity at a time.

It is the best ritual in terms of effectiveness and productivity. Start your working day starting from the most important activity that you will have to complete that day, that activity that will really make the difference. 

Eliminate any other interference and exclusively dedicated to that activity. Focus, concentrate and do not move on until you have completed that task.

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