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The 7 Best Ways to Conquer Confidence in Yourself

Confidence is a characteristic that allows us to take risks in our lives. And it is often through the risk that we succeed in obtaining successes in many aspects of our lives, both personally and professionally.

But how, then, to gain more confidence in yourself, feel more secure, take risks and live life to the full of your potential?

Here are 7 ways to do it:


1. Create your life philosophy

The foundation of self-confidence lies in your ability to develop and apply your philosophy of life. This philosophy of life can come from a great thinker you admire, from a convergence of ideas that you have learned in your education, or from something unique that you yourself have developed.

The point is that if you manage to have a philosophy of life that guides all your actions, you will have the certainty of acting in line with your value system. This will help you develop a solid trust in yourself.


2) Be aware of yourself 

Try to be always aware of yourself, in all aspects: aware of your body, aware of your mind, aware of your emotional state.

Self-awareness will allow you to monitor and control the way you are following your philosophy of life, moment by moment. If you can always be aware of your actions, then you will be sure to act consistently with your philosophy of life, your values, and your principles. And all this will reinforce your trust and your confidence in yourself.


3) Stay in good company 

Surround yourself with friends, family members and a partner who can help you become a better person. People who really love you may not share your philosophy of life, but they will respect it deeply and do everything to make you feel happy.

Surround yourself with people who care about your well-being and your happiness. You will earn it in peace, trust, and security.


4) Follow your passions

Trust comes primarily from doing a job in which you are good. Trust comes from doing a job that you love and that you are passionate about. Too often people do jobs that they hate to be able to devote themselves to the things they love, out of their working hours. Why not try to combine your passions with your work?

You will have no reason to doubt yourself if your job is to do what you love and that makes you feel good.


5) Experience failure

To be sure of yourself, you must understand and experience the failure of your skin. Because without failure, you can not understand what it means to grow and succeed. And then, whenever you get the chance, you risk, try, throw yourself and make mistakes, fall, fail.

Then comes the time to get up, shake off the dust and start again. You will know what you did wrong before and thanks to your experiences the road to growth will become easier. Safety and trust inevitably pass through error and failure, do not forget it!


6) Practice self-discipline

Self-discipline will help you gain more confidence because it will force you to control your impulses and better manage your emotions. By practicing self-discipline you can develop confidence in your ability to control whims and desires that are not connected with your philosophy of life.

Self-discipline does not mean, of course, impose a rigid and binding lifestyle, but on the contrary, it means living one’s life to the best of one’s chances, ready to seize the opportunities that arise while remaining coherent with the principles and values in which we recognize ourselves.


7) Reflect

Finally, to gain confidence in yourself, it is advisable that every day you try to devote time to reflection. Reflect on your day, on the particular phase you are experiencing, reflect on your life. Reflect on how you managed a stressful situation. Reflect on your memories.

Use the reflection to try to understand how you’ve done so far, how you managed to walk your way to the point where you arrived, whatever it is. Reflecting on the teachings of the past you can understand the logic and the resources with which you can better manage yourself in future situations and develop the necessary awareness and confidence to face them in the best way.

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