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10 Signs that You Have the Odd and Beautiful Lone Wolf Personality

You don’t mind being alone, you actually prefer to be alone instead than in the company of others. Often people take you for being anti-social, awkward, even bizarre. Does this sound like you?

If so, you are probably a lone wolf. And while the majority of people find your preference a bit strange, you are anything but strange, or if you are strange, it’s not a bad thing.

In fact, people who prefer to be alone are often more creative and perhaps even smarter. If you think you are a lone wolf personality, read on.



1. In contrast to people who prefer a night out, you prefer a night in:

Do you feel compelled to spend time alone and at home? If so, you are probably a lone wolf.

While most people indulge in the newest club, movie theater, or group, you spend time at home watching your favorite show, reading a book, or creating art.



2. You make plans but often cancel them in the last minute:

It’s not that you don’t like people, or even going out (on rare occasions), it’s just that spending time alone allows you to relax, and when you’re in your own element, you’re not only happier but more productive.



3. You don’t sit well with the idea of finding a date at a bar:

In modern times, many people have decided to find dates or join the world of singles online, and you don’t mind a bit. As your more social friends and acquaintances venture out to local bars, you far prefer to find a date online.

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4. Eating out by yourself does not bother you:

Most would scoff at the idea, and some may even give you glances as you sit down alone at the eatery on a Saturday afternoon, but you don’t mind it one bit. In fact, you like eating alone more than eating with a group of people.



5. You are very self-aware:

10 Signs that You Have the Odd and Beautiful Lone Wolf PersonalitySelf-awareness is extremely difficult to achieve, but the personalities of the lone wolf are very aware of what is going on inside.

From emotional states to their physical well-being, those who are self-aware are often more likely to experience a change that is occurring in their bodies.



6. You are annoyed by small talk:

Small talk is often common in social circles, and even if you know it’s typical, you don’t really care.



7. Your favorite points of discussion seem weird to others.

Your favorite hobbies, interests and talking points are completely alien to others. And try as you might to care about how weird you are to others, you just can’t muster the strength to mind.

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8. Group projects make you nervous:

Alone time and individual projects are where you flourish. However, when work or school forces you to participate in a group or team activity, you become overly nervous and wonder how you can participate in the project.



9. You get excited when friends cancel plans:

Most people would be crazy when someone cancels them, but you enjoy the time alone. In fact, being alone is better for you than spending time in a group.


10. You try to find ways to do everything remotely:

Paying bills on the computer? Yes, please. Grocery delivery? Don’t mind if I do. If you can find a way to do it remotely, you will.


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