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Activation of Lion’s Gate Portal 8/8/2021: It’s Time to Shine

On 8/8, infinite empowerment awaits you once you enter the Lionsgate portal. The Lion Gate opens each year around July 26, activating an immense amount of energy from the power of the stars.

On August 8, it peaks and remains open until approximately August 12. From the perspective of the sky, the heliacal rising of Sirius marks the event. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, which means it can be seen just as the Sun is sets in the east.



Sirius, the rising star:

Sirius is a legendary star. It is known to impart passion, creative talent, devotion, honor and wealth. In Egyptian civilization, Sirius’ rising had a direct relationship with the Nile’s rising. The Nile would then provide nourishment for the crops and the land, and sustain life.

Thus, the Lionsgate portal represents major changes and an accelerated rise. Everything receives an intense boost of energy, moving much faster when this portal is open. Your efforts will be multiplied and will keep burning until they bear fruit if you use this gateway.




Infinity 8:

The Lion’s Gate reaches its maximum power on the 8th day of the 8th month. According to Numerology, 8 represents equalization and balance between and in all areas. It brings about changes and shifts that will bring alignment and harmony.

While being influenced by 8, peace and success come from letting go of anything that causes imbalance. Ideas that go far such as ambition, organization, leadership, financial security, and success are all expressed by the vibrations of the number 8.

The structure of our DNA is also similar in shape to 8. So when the Lionsgate portal opens, codes stored in our DNA can be accessed.

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This time belongs to the Lion, the Sun resides in Leo this month. Leo is also known as the child of the Sun. The domain of Leo is our heart. It is a powerful source of generosity, pride, and a tenacious passion for expressing and creating life.

Entering Lion’s Gate means awakening your inner Divinity and fully embodying the Goddess Self. The fire sign Leo imbues all things with a resilient and fortified life force. Since its domain is the heart, it teaches us how to live, motivate, and lead using our heart.

The Sun rules Leo. The Sun and Leo both represent self-centeredness and self-importance. But they also exist in perfect harmony with all the rest of creation. Our known life is sustained by the Sun. It is the god of light who never fails to rise every morning. It represents the center of our mind.

The Lion’s Gate invites us to a dimension where the brilliance of all living things, including our own, can be fully recognized and embraced. If we are brave enough to step past the threshold, we will be aligned with our Divinity. Here we can access real power and use it to its full potential.




The superpower of the solar plexus:

Leo and the Sun have a natural connection with the solar plexus chakra. Opening the Lionsgate portal invites us to embrace and amplify the power within us. It invites us to use this power in ways that forever expand.

When the solar plexus chakra is balanced, willpower, self-confidence, and self-control manifest. If you are having financial problems, the energy portal can be used to direct your thoughts towards abundance.

You can then work to tap the flow and frequency of resources and money. A serious power vortex lies in the Lion’s Gate. It must be consciously engaged while seeking positivity.

But solar power can make you feel like a punch in the stomach if it isn’t restrained and kindness is absent. So remember to act with love. Also, remember that you don’t have to fear your power or play on a small scale when you are guided by your heart.



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