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Choose a Symbol of the Angels to Discover Your Spiritual Message

Choose an angel script symbol in the image above and discover the spiritual message revealed by your choice:



Theth – The pain

Theth - The pain

When there are doubts and anxieties in your life, remember that your negative thoughts are under your control. They may look like demons, but you have the power over them.

Hard times often happen when we make great spiritual progress. We are constantly tested and we become stronger. Remember, demons disappear in the face of laughter.




He – The prayer

He - The prayer

Surrender to the Divine Spirit who supports all creation. Offer your own love at the source so that your own thoughts are passed on to all other creatures.

Understand the power of pure desire given in humility.




Beth – The crucible

Beth - The crucible

We offer you a cup of Divine refreshment. It is a gift of health and strength. The chalice of Divine Love heals your soul and body and is available to you anytime. Even in the darkness, there is a light waiting for you to show you the way.

You can claim these gifts of Love and Light each time you meditate and it will refresh you throughout the day.




Gimel – The pleasure

Gimel - The pleasure

Pleasure comes easily into your life and lifts you up when you feel tired. Take the time to be happy and recognize that being alive is wonderful. Trust the process of life, and allow it to bring you good things.

When you express your pleasure in our wonderful world, you bring more joy and happiness into your own life and that of others.




Ain – The Ark

Ain - The Ark

Give yourself moments of tranquility and rest. There is a quiet space in your heart and you have to go there regularly, not to ask or search for answers, but just to rest.

You might find a physical place, a chapel or a meditation room, where you can sit quietly. Have no expectation, but let the light of the Divine open in your heart like a flower.




Mem – Perfection

Mem - Perfection

When you reach a special moment, when everything seems perfect, do not try to freeze the moment or block the flow that leads you to greater things.

We can not say what is perfect, because everything in the Universe is exactly what it should be, so nothing is less than perfect! Everything has its own perfection.




Samech – Creativity

Samech - Creativity

If you want to create new things in your life, be playful and light in your actions. Concentrate on your goals, but do not hang on too long; let the universal creative energy support you.

Recognize the creative process, from initiation to growth, then return to calmness. During the growth period, you must take care of your new possibilities, but always be flexible, letting things grow naturally.




Cheth – The temple

Cheth - The temple

There is a sacred place in each of us where we are safe and where we can communicate directly with the Divine. Spend time in your own inner temple, and honor this place in your imagination.

Visit your temple every day, see yourself bringing flowers and lighting candles. Keep a sacred moment, especially once a week, and honor the sacred space inside.




Samach – The wisdom

Samach - The wisdom

You carry all the wisdom you need to live a fulfilling life. Your wisdom is your inheritance, you are a child of the Divine. This wisdom is in your own heart and you can always turn to it.

If you listen to this wisdom, you will always make real choices and live in harmony with your own chosen path. You only make mistakes when you forget to listen to your heart.




Nun – The past

Nun - The past

Recognize the past as a stepping stone to the present. Avoid looking too far back, whether for good or bad things. Do not let your guilt over past things hold you back.

We must learn from our mistakes, but we should never fight; we must recognize that no one is making spiritual progress without making mistakes.




Zade – The hermit

Zade - The hermit

Take the time to retreat from the everyday world and examine everything in your life. Carefully consider how your life develops and where your ideal is.

Listen to the answers to your heart. Identify what is most important to you and create a plan to improve your commitment to your ideals and goals.




Kuff – The celebration

Kuff - The celebration

Find ways to celebrate anything and everything in your life. Do not wait for a birthday or wedding, celebrate the little things as well as the big events. Invite your friends to a party for no reason.

Make a cake and call your neighbor with a playlist to party. Decorate your room with interesting, beautiful or fun things.




Pesh – The return

Pesh - The return

It’s time to relax. Congratulate yourself for your achievements, for your courage and your perseverance. Relax with a good movie or take a long soothing bath. Take care of yourself.

There is a sense of security and certainty here. The next part of the trip will come, but you know in your heart that everything will be fine.




Pe – stability

Pe - stability

It’s time to evaluate the basic structures on which your life is built. Remove anything that is not healthy in your life. Set up a framework in which you can build the future.

You need to consider how you use your time and the principles on which you base your decisions in life so that you can create a strong future.




Schin – The hope

Schin - The hope

Even in a dark period, we can light a candle. From the smallest seed of hope, a great ray of Divine joy can grow, shining its blessings on everyone. If things have been difficult, you may be surprised by a glimpse of the light.

Then you will realize that angels are everywhere, all the time, even when you do not see them. Open your inner windows and leave the angels in your life.


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