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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of the Lights that Turn On and Off by Themselves

Sometimes, when the lights come on and go off without explanation, there may be a spiritual significance.

Spirits can communicate with us in different ways, and in the physical world, they like to use electrical devices to send us messages.

You may have lived in several different houses, and each time you may have experienced this problem. But maybe you are not the only one to have experienced it, maybe your family members have noticed a similar trend.

There is an intimate connection between the spiritual and the electrical because they are both vibratory energies.



This interconnection allows minds to manipulate electrical equipment in the material world.

It is a way for them to let you know that they are here and want to inform you of their presence.

It may be a deceased family member or a spirit that has a business to settle with you. If you have an evil spirit in your home, you should get rid of it at the first opportunity by calling in a professional. It can also be your spiritual guide trying to communicate with you.

Nevertheless, if one of your brothers and sisters or one of your loved ones seeks to communicate with you from the spirit world, you should pick up the clues they leave you.

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You can observe if your spiritual guides are trying to send you a particular message.

For example, as soon as you enter a room, the light bulb may start flashing immediately.

You can change the light bulb and even call an electrician to see if there was a problem with the electricity, but if even after replacing several bulbs, the same pattern occurs again, then there is some message you need to receive.

Lights that turn on and off by themselves are a means of communication often used by spirits.

As long as you do not resolve your case with this entity or seek the help of a professional, it will not leave you.

Remember that spirits are powerful beings and that it can be difficult to stop them without the help of an expert.

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  1. Debra Barton

    What about TVs that turn off and on? I have no idea on that one.

  2. Vora BlackWitch

    I would say it’s the same concept explained here. However, sometimes the culprit can be Our own energy, in a telekinetic way. My energy has caused cell phones to call me & calls, even on intercom, to drop, which recently happened!
    This is where You use Your discernment & intuition to decide the cause.

  3. Tevin Bennett

    I’ve seen a light flicker in the bathroom and it was a white entity and I had to shut it off to investigate.

  4. Hahn Connie

    I have to say that I still get negative energy’s and my be caused by my pain, I have very good doctor’s if you need to you can call 📞 them Arthritis Specialist they think I am crazy

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