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Choose One of these Four Cards and Discover the Message the Oracle Has for You

The oracle is an element that has long been part of human history. The word oracle means a prediction of the future or even the person responsible for making that prediction.

The oracles are a manifestation of the will of a deity for our lives. They are linked to the divination of the future and to the prediction, the revelation of hidden things or the will of the universe.

Today we bring a message from the oracle into your life. To reveal it, choose one of the four cards shown and then scroll down to read the meaning:

If you chose…



Card No. 1:

Your professional life is slowly bearing fruit. This is the time to act creatively and safely so that you can conquer your space and continue towards your greatest goal.

In love, you can be emotionally involved in an unexpected way. At first, it can be a shock but don’t shake off that feeling. Allow yourself to experience it with intensity, as the results can be surprising!




Card No. 2:

The money you’ve been waiting for is coming, don’t let the lack of it take away your peace! Adopt a sense of prosperity, because things are going to improve.

You must learn to follow a path of constant evolution in your life. Don’t let the comfort zone keep you from growing and reaching your goals. Expand your thoughts, expand your horizons and try to learn every day. This will bring you closer to your true goals.




Card No. 3:

You are experiencing a great time in love. In the end, it seems that you have found someone who loves you and respects you for what you really are. Don’t let jealousy and insecurity make you lose this very special connection. Understand that everyone has a right to their privacy. As long as there is respect, all is well.

At work, you may have a difficult time, but believe in yourself and keep your honesty, because that is what will set you apart from others and take you wherever you want.




Card No. 4:

Your insecure behavior is blocking your path to happiness and completeness. As a result, you often find yourself reluctant to develop certain skills that would take you far.

You have to take more risks and think less because if you spend too much time at work, you won’t have the chance to really enjoy a good feeling with good company.


Which card did you choose? What did you think of your result? Leave a comment below and tell your friends!

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