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Choose 3 Tarot Cards to Find Useful Information About Your Current Situation

Choose 3 tarot cards and you may discover useful information about your current situation.

Sometimes life goes on and we have no idea what is going on or why we are experiencing certain things in particular. Choose 3 tarot cards to help guide you on your current path. Which cards did you choose?

Each number corresponds to a certain position and a certain energy. The cards you choose can give you useful information and advice about the situation you are currently in.

Choose 3 Tarot Cards to Find Useful Information About Your Current Situation



Card 1: Current Influences

Four of wands

Your current position. This card reveals influences and shows the general direction of reading.

Peace and security follow one another after the four wands generally in the minor aspects of your life.

The presence should be welcome if you start a new relationship or a new phase of a relationship, such as a wedding or engagement. It is also very useful for people to move.

Main interpretations: celebrations and happiness, accomplishment, harmony, new beginnings, pleasure.

In this position, the card reveals: A creative victory is near.




Card 2: Obstacles

Six of swords

Immediate influences. This card shows the nature of the obstacles in front of you.

Your mental focus can put you on the right track to leave your current problems behind you, leading you to a better future.

You still have problems to overcome, but the worst is behind you.

Main interpretations: a better future, an escape, unresolved challenges, journeys.

In this position, the card reveals: You can expect an improvement in your mental and physical wellbeing due to a change of position or environment.




Card 3: Previous Foundations

Six of the pentacles

Recent influences or past events that are causing your current situation. Success in your life is linked to generosity.

This may mean that your investment will flow from your prosperity, perhaps from a financial investment, or perhaps advice and support for a friend.

This card can also mean that your success will come from the generosity of another person.

The two are of course not exclusive, and being drawn to this card indicates that you naturally lean toward acts of kindness and charity.

Key Interpretations: Distribution, Gift, Favor, Prosperity, Solvency

In this position, the card reveals: There is possible joy in your future, and your previous justice is at the base of everything.




Card 4: Past Events

The Hierophant

Reveals an influence or a recent event that is coming to an end. Depending on your nature, this card can mean very different things.

At the base, the hierophant represents the doctrine, but the doctrine can take the form of a teaching and a direction or a rigid authority.

It is also important to know where it appears in your progression, as this most often indicates your own approach to the moral, religious and social conventions of the world. Wisely considered, it helps to show the path to fulfillment.

Main interpretations: approval, conformity, consent, good advice, marriage or union.

In this position, the card reveals: Remember lessons from your past. Experience is your best teacher.




Card 5: Objectives and destiny

The Hermit

This map shows your desired goals and objectives and reveals the best outcome you can achieve in your current situation. There are moments in life when you need to step back and look carefully at situations and decisions.

Finding the Hermit in your progress indicates that you need a period of inner reflection, far from the current demands of your position.

This retreat can be physical or it can be an introspection. Nevertheless, only deep and honest introspection will lead to a solution.

Main interpretations: detachment, orientation, loneliness, self-examination and introspection, reflection.

In this position, the card reveals: Your autonomy and your comfortable relationship with your own beliefs will lead you to personal fulfillment.




Card 6: The future

The High Priestess

Reveals a new influence that will soon be exercised in your life. Your identification with the High Priestess indicates that you possess good, inherent judgment in the form of strong intuition. It may indicate that reason should pass after intuition.

Nevertheless, its presence in some parts of your progression might indicate that loved ones help you with their own intuition.

Since intuition is more effective at guessing what the senses can not see, the High Priestess can also come to warn you of hidden facts or influences that are or will be important to you.

Main interpretations: feminine influences, insight, mystery, understanding, wisdom

In this position, the card reveals: It is possible that your actions bring you real rewards, but only if you stay disciplined and motivated, even in the face of deterrence.




Card 7: The applicant (you)

Nine of cups

This card reveals your negative feelings and provides additional information about how you feel in your current environment.

This card is a very powerful positive indicator for you. It represents a lasting or powerful satisfaction in your life.

Even if nothing is permanent, you can expect to be really happy somewhere on the path of your life. It depends largely on your creative efforts and what you want for the future.

Main interpretations: complete, accomplished, generous, pleasure, satisfaction

In this position, the card reveals: You will need to tap into your spiritual energy to fuel a creative effort.




Card 8: Friends and family

The Emperor

This map shows your influence on the people around you and their influence on you. It also shows how they fit into your home, your work and your environment.

The emperor means a powerful influence, usually of a masculine nature.

It can also include concepts in your life generally considered masculine, such as leadership and authority, personal discipline, and stability through the power of action.

Positive influences indicate that you are on the path to progression or promotion, but they can also be neutral.

Whatever the driving force of change, it indicates that you may have an unusual inner strength that will require you to act and lead.

Main interpretations: rational, authority, paternal figure, male influence, stable.

In this position, the card reveals: Your instinct of protection towards your loved ones is admirable, but when you are a leader, it also requires that you know how to step back at the right moment.




Card 9: Hope, Fears, and Ideals

The Star

Your inner emotions. The presence of the star means a period of respite and renewal for you.

This renewal can be spiritual, physical, or both.

This is a particularly positive sign if you or a loved one are recovering from an illness or injury.

It is a light in the darkness that illuminates your future and your past.

Main interpretations: calm and serenity, destiny, hope, opportunity, renewal.

In this position, the card reveals: Harmony in your life is hindered by your reluctance to make a decision.




Card 10: The final result

Seven of cups

This card indicates the final result of your question. It is the product of all the other influences revealed in this progression.

This card tries to tell you something about your subconscious or areas of your imagination.

Your hopes, your dreams, and your unrealized aspirations are a fair game for the seven of cups.

It’s time to carefully consider your own motivations and re-examine your goals, but it’s also risky to act on your conclusions.

Main interpretations: confusion, dreams and ambitions, speculation, decision, temptation.

In this position, the card reveals: Your goals are achievable, but you will have to make a constant effort and be honest with yourself. When you fail, keep your head up and move forward as far as you can.


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