You are currently viewing Discover the Image You Reflect in the World by Choosing One of the Mirrors Below!

Discover the Image You Reflect in the World by Choosing One of the Mirrors Below!

The mirror has great symbolic significance. It reflects our image, but it can reveal things that we cannot see at first glance.

Often the image we see reflected in the mirror is the image that others see of us. Understanding the image that we show to the world is important to make the necessary changes and to always guarantee a good life by prioritizing our values and building healthy and prosperous relationships.

If you want to know what image people have of you, this test can help you get there. Choose one of the 4 mirrors below. And read on to find out what it will say about your reflection in the world.

Have you chosen your mirror? So let’s get to the results!

Discover the Image You Reflect in the World by Choosing One of the Mirrors Below!

If your choice was…



Mirror number 1:

The image you reflect on the world is an image of pure freedom. You enjoy enjoying your life alone, without rushing, and following your own pace. Therefore, you may have trouble following the rules, which is why some people may find you immature.

However, the truth is that you are a genuine person and cannot adapt to something that does not make you really happy. Those who see you without prejudice see you as a person full of light and inspiration and want to be a little more free as you.




Mirror number 2:

People see you as a very confident person who impresses with your personality and not your vulgarity. Your class and your way of seeing life arouse the admiration of many people and sometimes envy.

You are an example of balance and maturity for everyone around you. Sure, it attracts the attention of negative people, but you know better than anyone how to handle them, which is why you are an ear and one of the most requested counselors by your loved ones.




Mirror number 3:

You are an atypical person.

You prefer the unusual and you risk adventures that most people would refuse because you like to live intensely and with passion. You hate routine and are always looking for a better way to live your life.

It is for this reason that people who follow a more linear life often do not appreciate your way of being. They find you too reckless, but perhaps it hides a desire to free themselves. But those who have souls like yours want an increasingly close relationship with you.




Mirror number 4:

People see you as selective and introspective.

Sometimes you feel uncomfortable with what you are doing as if you were only present by obligation. Some people may judge you only because you spend too much time alone, they are unable to interpret this as a life choice and may end up judging you poorly.

However, you don’t really care what other people think of you. You have your own world with rules that you don’t impose on others but that makes you live well and happy, and that’s what really matters.

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