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Choose The Feather That Attracts You The Most And Discover Your Inner Power

Since ancient times the research and development of one’s inner power have been the object of study.

It is a power not to be identified in wealth or success, but in that to overcome obstacles, in the generosity of spirit that brings relief everywhere, in the courage to fight adversity, in empathy that allows a deeper knowledge of humanity.

Each of us, as a unique and very special being, has his inner power and the test we offer can help you discover yours or confirm it.

Are you ready?
Instinctively choose the feather you prefer in the proposed image, then read the profile corresponding to your choice.



Feather 1 – RESILIENCE

Feather 1 - RESILIENCE

It is the feather that indicates the ability to face even the worst adversity without losing oneself.

The person who chooses this feather is a positive person, proactive, able to go through storms and not lose their essence.

Can find something positive even in disappointments, failures.  Even when he loses, he does not lose his lesson.



Feather 2 – CREATIVITY

Feather 2 - CREATIVITY

Creativity is the mental capacity to create and invent, to express in an artistic way those emotions trapped inside, the most daring dreams, the most secret drives. But not only.

The person who chooses this feather is a person who can use his creativity to solve difficult situations, to see a path where others can not see the way out.

The attention to detail typical of creative minds allows a more complete knowledge of everything that surrounds it. Finally, with his grace and his talent, he makes the world a more beautiful place.

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Feather 3 – INTUITION

Feather 3 - INTUITO

Intuition is the ability to immediately perceive a situation, an imminent danger, to understand the intentions, the nature, the goals of others.

The person who chooses this feather is a person who listens to the voice of his unconscious intuition precisely, a formidable tool that when heard, makes it possible to make decisions faster and almost never wrong.

Isaac Asimov said:
“I doubt that one day a computer or a robot will be able to match the intuition of the human intellect.”





It is a moral quality among the greatest, the noblest.

The person who chooses this feather is a selfless person, disinterested, available, inclined to sacrifice and able to know how to forgive.

He is a person able to bring relief, to support, to encourage, to bestow wise advice, to perform acts of pure love, of those that bring fullness to life.

Victor Hugo said:
“As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled.”

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Feather 5 – EMPATHY

Feather 5 - EMPATHY

It is the extraordinary ability to understand the moods, feelings, and intentions of others. To perceive them as if they were their own.

The person who chooses this feather is a person able to immerse himself completely in the interior of those in front, to absorb their joy, but also the negativity.

Generous and helpful, the empathic person is able to make those around him feel understood and supported.

In a way where indifference reigns supreme, the empaths are precious rays of light, the beautiful face of our humanity.

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