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6 Characteristics Of The Earth Angels, Number 3 Is The Most Obvious

Earth Angels are people who spread light and encourage positive changes. They do not tolerate hatred, violence or oppression and only want to live in a world of harmony and love.

These are ancient beliefs, that little or nothing adapt to our modern and technological world. Yet these people exist.

They are those who work to bring happiness, joy, and light into the lives of all those they meet. They exude pure and positive energy, they are passionate, they want to improve the world and solve problems.

Earth Angels are often not aware of their power, nor do they know the impact they have on the lives of others. These are some features common to all of them:



1- They are especially sensitive

The mission of an Earthly Angel is to spread joy and solve the problems of the world. It’s not exactly an easy task, so it’s not surprising that you can feel frustrated and disillusioned by the reality that surrounds it.

The bad news saddens the earthly angels and pains them. Sometimes they take refuge in solitude to get a respite from so much negativity.

As anxious creatures, they may feel uncomfortable in large groups and overbearing social situations.



2- They need themselves

Solitude and silence, as mentioned, are essential for the Earth Angels. In this way, they are able to recharge their energy, take stock of what is happening in life, cure any injuries inflicted by human wickedness.

Loneliness gives them time to reflect on their character and to improve themselves, which they are constantly trying to do.



3- They are naturally empathic

If you feel deeply empathetic about other people and do everything to help those in need, you could be an Angel of the Earth.

The Earth Angels will do their utmost to help anyone, whether it’s a family member or someone met on the street. It hurts them to see others in pain, so they are desperate to soothe and help people in need.

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4- They trust their own inner voice

Modern life is based on logic, but the Angels of the Earth are more likely to base their decisions on emotions and insights.

Their connection with the world is deeply emotional. They let their intuition guide them through life.

Rather than using logic, they rely on the intuition and conviction that the universe sends them positive people and experiences. Usually, they do it through spiritual practices.



5- Have a noble purpose in life

Their purpose is noble, great, deeply human. They live their lives on the basis of it and do not allow themselves to be influenced by social schemes.

Unable to live unfulfilled lives, they often work as humanitarian workers, social workers, doctors or any profession that can help people.



6- They live alternative lifestyles

The Earthly Angels struggle to understand the limits and expectations of modern society.

Why do we work so hard?
Why do we attribute so much value to material goods?
Why are there still wars and injustices in the world and why do not people do more to change it?

These are just some of the questions that confuse the Angels of the Earth on society, so it’s no surprise that they feel comfortable in solitude.

Many live “off the grid” or an alternative lifestyle where they can fulfill their role and purpose without having to conform.


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