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Choose a Tarot Card and Discover the Message it Has for You

Choose a Tarot card, scroll down and find the message it has for you:


Card No. 1:

The process you should do involves self-reflection and self-evaluation through meditation. This card serves as a reminder that you are approaching a significant stage of your journey.

You may have recently experienced an awakening or enlightenment that you need to improve your life or just yourself. You are open to new possibilities that lead to a realization that serves your higher self and your needs.



Card No. 2:

The High Priestess is the guardian of our unconscious in bringing spiritual enlightenment, internal illumination, and divine knowledge. It brings us in connection with our intuitive wisdom. So that we can use it to help us in the experience of life in which we are currently intertwined.

Trust your inner voice; your higher self is connected and requires that you consciously listen to yourself and your body right now. Your inner self connects through symbolism and/or dreams. Keep an eye on the numbers that may continue to reappear.

Also, look for symbols in your dreams; try to interpret what the subconscious is trying to communicate to you. Our intuitive self is giving us answers and clues; meditate, connect and listen.



Card No. 3:

The Pentacle page is a card that expresses your dreams and your goals. You are full of enthusiasm for whatever undertaking you have; Start by taking clear steps to reach your goals.

The card is asking you to grow in a prosperous way, only in this way life will bring you abundance.

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