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Choose a Door and See What it Reveals About your Personality

Choose a door from the image above:

Which one attracts you the most? Which seems to be the most ideal for you?

The one you choose can tell you a lot about your motivations and your future.

Read below what your choice means…


If you chose number one:

Looking for a path that includes freedom. You like to have enough room for maneuver and to be able to forge your own way, especially if it offers infinite possibilities. You are independent and do not like confrontation. You do not want to be rushed and like to take your time.


If you chose number two:

“A busy road is not necessarily the way to go. ”

You prefer the less traveled route to the popular route. You like to travel alone, live alone, think alone and be alone. Your path is an individual path. You may be someone original, creative, insightful, philosophical and introverted. You see the world in a unique way.


If you chose number three:

Your future is a colorful show! You are an endearing person who likes to be part of the world, sticking to different types of steps. Your life is about the journey of a human being, not the destination.

You are curious by nature and you are always happy to learn more about the place you call home. You tend to be witty and people always laugh around you.


If you chose number four:

You want passion in your life! You like chaos and unpredictable situations. You are attracted to the unknown. You just do not care about the rules. You are spontaneous and passionate about thrills. Your favorite activity would be an afternoon ride on an amusement park for a thrilling ride.


If you chose number five:

You like calm and a soothing way. You are a peace broker and you need a little maintenance on a global level. You like the path that is clear.

Sometimes you appreciate the easy way and feel no desire to choose something that will be harder than necessary, and it suits you very well. You are often appreciated to have your head on your shoulders.


If you chose number six:

You will appreciate the calmest way. You can spend a lot of time alone without feeling alone. You like silence, and calm. You take into account everything you see and are really present in your environment.

You tend to live life deliberately in action and reflection. You appreciate real relationships more than anything.


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