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Which Soul Contract Are You Currently Linked to? Choose an Image to Discover It!

A soul contract is an agreement between two souls who have agreed before incarnating on the planet to meet for specific purposes.

We each have various contracts with the souls we encounter in our lives. Each challenge or blessing has a purpose for the spiritual evolution of both parties.

When we step back and prefer an overview, then we have the potential to heal aspects of our soul, to become an even stronger entity at the soul level and to achieve personal satisfaction in our lives.

To find out which Soul Contract theme you are currently experiencing, select the picture that suits the most with you.

Which Soul Contract Are You Currently Linked to



1. Fear/lack of conscience:

Have you ever noticed that you are constantly trying to keep your lead over others and that when you have the extra money in your bank account, a surprise expense arrives and your financial cushion disappears?

Over time, you begin to wonder if you will get ahead one day and always wait for the situation to get worse.

The key here is not to allow your fear of ‘not having enough’ to stop you from getting out of these financial constraints.

The question is: “Do these experiences occur because you are not supposed to be in abundance? Or are you conditioned by strong beliefs that every time you go forward, something, will come and go with it, that you have put so much effort into doing?

Your soul contract is to change your lack of consciousness. You may have been raised in an environment where times were tough and there was just enough to get by.

Make yourself a new promise that you will participate more in reflection, and train your mind not to project thoughts that are useless.

You can slowly get out financially, but it will take a lot of effort on your part to absorb what you say and think, but it can be done.




2. Self-confidence/identity:

Do you feel uncomfortable when all the spotlight is on you? Do you often find yourself putting the needs of others before your own?

Would it be possible for you to subconsciously do these things because your identity is strongly tied to the approval of others?

Your soul contract and/or mission is to discover who you are as an individual and to cultivate and share your gifts with the world.

Yes, it is nice and important to support others, however, you often pass the needs of others before yours.

Sometimes you give others without even asking for help, and these same people let you down because they were not looking for your help in the first place. Your identity is tied to what others think of you.

In a way, you are doomed to disappointment and attract people who could enjoy your generous nature.

Starting today, start each day with mantras or healthy affirmations that encourage you to make the most of each day and fully recognize your personal power.

You can take a look at your passions and skills, and take steps to welcome them with open arms while taking time for them. Your job is to be fully yourself, to make your goals a priority, and the mind will take care of the rest. The last step is to resist the urge to nurture everyone and to direct that inner energy of love.




3. Abandonment/letting go/fear of change:

Do you stay in relationships and situations longer than necessary?

Do you sometimes find yourself in unhealthy and co-dependent relationships both personally and professionally?

It is possible that your soul contract is that you struggle with abandonment and that you express a fear of being alone.

It is not that you are not aware of the toxicity and certain situations that are not for your greater good, it is just that you are afraid of change, that you have habits well anchored, and be in an unhealthy situation is better than being alone.

The advice here to help you is to go inside yourself and work on your connection with the source.

If you go inward, you will find that you have everything you need and that you are a strong individual who is part of a beautiful soul who is wise beyond measure.

It might also be useful to know where the fear of abandonment has begun. You might already know when your fear of letting go has begun.

Now is the perfect time to heal from this injury and learn to relive with confidence and integrity situations that you know are not for your greater good.

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