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Do These 3 Things to Make Lucid Dreaming Easier

Lucid dreaming is an incredible capacity of the spiritually in contact, and anyone can realize this gift. If you follow these few steps, you can discover the wonderful world of lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is usually the ability to consciously observe and/or control your dreams. It turns your inner dream world into a living alternative reality where everything you feel is as authentic as it is in real life!

This happens during altered states of consciousness when you realize that you are dreaming. Your brain will then go into the waking mode, only inside the dream! This gives you the opportunity to create and dream your own perfect world!

This is often considered scary, but it is a safe and natural state. It is not a paranormal experience outside the body. With lucid dreams, you are always safe and asleep in your bed. You are also in control to wake up if you are afraid. But who would want to do this? If you want to dream lucid, follow these steps!



First, you will need to use dream awareness techniques.

It is helpful to keep a dream journal by the bed. Every morning when you wake up, write down what you dreamed of the day before.

This will help you remember your dreams and train you to remember them more in the future.



Second, use reality checks frequently.

Every few hours during the day, ask yourself “am I dreaming?” once you get used to it, you will start to do it in your dreams too.

Once you are aware of the reality of a dream, you can do anything.

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And lastly, repeat “I will be aware that I am dreaming” each time you fall asleep.

You can also use a similar phrase every time you fall asleep. This technique is known as the mnemonic induction of lucid dreaming.

Also known as MILD, it uses memory aids, in this case, using a sentence by heart to transform the consciousness of our dream! In addition, listening to this music at 40 Hz will create a neural environment for lucid dreaming.



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