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Do These 5 Things When You Feel Your Energy Has Been Sucked Out of You

The heaviness you feel is simply the energy of others and it is time to let it go. Release it if you want. You’ve been wearing it for quite a long time.

So what do we do now? How can we drain this energy or better yet, can’t we just protect ourselves from it? You can protect yourself, in fact, by imagining a shield all around you, choose the material you like and keep it safe around you so that nobody can cross it. A simple way to protect yourself.

So if you’re having trouble protecting yourself, what do we do with all of this toxic energy?



1. Breathe deeply:

As long as you need to. Breathe good energy, exhale bad. It sounds simple because honestly, it really is. All you want to do right now is just get rid of the negative energy.

All you have to do is blow it out by mouth in cyberspace. That way too, this energy won’t hurt anyone else that night either.



2. Ignore the vampire:

It sounds mean to ignore the person you are with, but it really isn’t. You are in the same room, you are listening, in a way, you are not committing as much as they would like. It’s perfect.

You commit as much as you want and when they go into negative energy mode, you can either politely walk away or ask them diplomatically to change the subject. Nobody deserves to hear shit like that, all the time.



3. Spend time alone:

One hour, one day, one week, or one month. As long as it takes you, do it. Spend time alone to get all of your energy out of you so that you don’t appear to be angry at all of your friends and family.

Spend time alone listening to Zen music, reading, or anything else pleasant and calm. Just be with yourself, at the moment, and zone out. It will also be a great compensation exercise.



4. Smudge:

You don’t just have to smudge your space; you can also smudge your body too. Sometimes it is very necessary to do so.

When we absorb too much energy from others around us, especially after a big event or party, the only way to cleanse yourself from all of this is with a complete smudging ceremony with your whole body.

You will feel a million times better. If the event took place at your place, then, by all means, also smudge your house. It certainly won’t hurt.



5. Reach out to somebody:

To a friend, that trusted friend you have who takes you totally and who is always at hand. That one friend who was there from elementary school until the birth of your first baby. They’ve got your back. You need them. Call them.

Sometimes just speaking can release all the negative vibrations that are inside of you. When we talk about it, we can hear ourselves discussing it and realizing that some of the things we have we picked up on are about us, not them.

No one likes energy being sucked out of us and some of us don’t even realize it happens until it is too late. Before polluting everyone else’s energy, clean your own. You will feel a million times better afterward too!


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