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15 Survival Tips for Ultra Empathic People

If you are a very empathetic and sensitive person this survival guide will be very useful.

It can often happen that you feel that your personal world is constantly invaded by the energy and feelings of those around you. If you are not careful this can wear you down and drain you of your life force.

That’s why these 15 tips are sure to help you, but only if you put them into practice:



1. Identification and Clarification:

The first thing you can do is understand when and how your energy is drained and when and how you feel it is stimulated.

Take a pen and paper and write.

Thanks to this exercise you can already understand where you need to act so that you can preserve your life force.

It may seem simple, but unleashing the flow and increasing the flow are essential elements so that empaths not only survive but prosper.



2. Create a shield:

There are some situations you would prefer to avoid but that’s not always possible.

When you know this will happen create an energy shield around you. By now it is well known, thoughts and emotions are pure energy that vibrates at a certain frequency.

You just need to imagine a bubble of light of the color that you like best that surrounds your being. Inside this bubble is your world, where you can focus inward and find your balance, while everything else stays outside.

When you feel that your energy is being taken away, you can withdraw into your bubble and stop the flow.



3. Observe your thoughts:

If you find it difficult to build a shield to prevent negative thoughts and feelings from invading your mind, the best thing to do is to check your mind to identify their source.

If you have thoughts of anger, ask yourself where it originates and turns the thought to the positive. In the beginning, it will be difficult but with the training, you will be able to manage everything to the fullest.



4. Repeat positive affirmations:

Empaths are usually very open people and they give a lot, too much to people, but this does not mean that they always remain positive.

To stay positive, it can be helpful to have a selection of positive statements at hand to get away from the negativity and get back to the light.



5. Forgive:

Genuine forgiveness is the process by which the negative energy that has been repressed inside is released.

Whether it’s a person or something else that happened in your past, as long as you hold on to pain, regret, and remorse, it will continue to wear down your life force.



6. Take your time:

Take the time to learn and apply these tips.

Your well-being is a top priority and your family and friends will get the best out of you if they first let you and you allow yourself to feel good about yourself.

This implies time and many do not take it easy.



7. Create a safe and welcoming place:

Create a place to rest and be alone.

Put music, candles, perfumes, crystals.

Let this place be yours alone.



8. Eat well:

It may seem strange, but very centered people are much more in touch with food and nutrition. When you eat “crap”, you become crap and you become weak.

Make a healthy and balanced diet.



9. Meditation and Yoga:

Keeping the body and mind flexible can give empathic people a lot of energy to experience the world in an incredible way. The benefits gained from practices such as meditation, yoga and other similar arts can never be underestimated.



10. Stay in nature:

The earth is a powerful healer for each of us. For you who are highly sensitive and empathic, it is even more so.

Nature is flooded with vibrant energy and by simply immersing yourself in it for a while, you can absorb this energy and revitalize yourself.



11. Change your perspectives on people and energy:

Don’t look at people as bad or like energy vampires. See them as people in need and with need.

Don’t see situations as negative, see them as opportunities for understanding, change.

When you change your perspective on people and their energies, you can reduce their effects on you through pure understanding.



12. Harmonize your Chakras:

Your chakras are your spiritual and energetic centers in your body and keeping them free of harmful negativity is of paramount importance.

A popular and effective way to do this is to use aromatherapy and specific plants.



13. Be grateful for your gifts:

Being an empath or a very sensitive person can sometimes seem like a burden, but in reality, it is a great gift. You are able to experience joy and life in a high way, know that so many people just can’t do it.

Only by showing gratitude for your skills can you help the rejuvenation process.

Your gratitude is in itself positive energy that can force the negative out and leave you with serenity and peace.



14. Set the boundaries:

Sometimes in your life, there will be people who, without knowing it, enter your energy zone (the bubble we talked about). This is why it is essential to set limits, when and where they are needed.

These limits can be physical, conversational, temporal and many other things depending on how a person invades your energy.

Be the first to respect these limits and don’t let your caring nature lower your guard.



15. Responsibility:

If you have reached this point, congratulations.

Do you know why? Because this is the most important point. ?

Your responsibility in doing these exercises will be the basis of your change. Responsibility changes your focus of attention, from victim to creator.

Creator of happiness or unhappiness. Your choice.

And I am sure that from today you will change your actions.


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