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Expect an Emotional Roller coaster at the End of August as Venus moves in Virgo

As you may know, the Sun will move to the Virgo’s territory on Friday, August 23 – which will mark the beginning of the Virgo Year 2019 season and end the summer atmosphere of Leo for the year. But we also have another important cosmic guest who has been placed on the Virgo’s territory a few days before: it is the beautiful Venus, the planet of love, romance, money, luxury, and pleasure.

On August 21, Venus moves from Leo to Virgo, marking a major change in our love life. That said, be prepared: the beginning of the Virgo season will be a roller coaster for your love life, and all thanks to the small planet that we know as Venus.



Each planet in astrology has its own energy and, of course, this energy is expressed differently according to the signs.

The planet Venus is quite happy and comfortable with certain signs – such as Taurus and Libra, the two signs it governs, and Pisces, the sign, in which it is known to be very active and truly happy, free and capable of shining its most positive influence. Conversely, there are several places in the zodiac where each planet is the least happy and the most restricted, and for Venus, Virgo is one of these signs.

When Venus is in Virgo, it is known for its fall. The fall of a planet happens when it is in a sign of the zodiac in which one thinks that it is particularly misplaced. When a planet is falling, it is considered weakened. In other words, Venus is not as usual when it is on Virgo’s territory, it has trouble expressing its most brilliant and positive energy and has trouble expressing its feelings, the most desirable qualities.



So what does this mean for all parts of our lives led by Venus?

venus in virgo

Well, let’s talk about the energy of Virgo because that’s where the planet of love and money will live in the next four weeks. Virgos are profoundly perfectionist: they have a perfect sense of detail, they are very adept at staying organized, and they can spot a detail that no one notices or something twisted hundreds of miles away. Nothing really escapes them.

The small quirks about our partners or the cute and ridiculous beguines can suddenly seem hateful and immature.

Our sincere attempts to help the people we love can be aggressive, critical and harsh instead of being kind. We can also suddenly feel the need to give a perfect and precise sense of all those hard-to-rationalize heart issues that tend to go hand in hand with love – which is an almost impossible task that will probably only leave us frustrated and overwhelmed.

It is a time when one can be difficult and gloomy if love and finances are not perfectly arranged and clear. Love is messy and irrational, and it can not be organized by color or alphabetical order or anything. Venus in Virgo is desperate for something that is practically impossible to do, and it’s something we’ll have to move forward with cautiousness and gentleness otherwise we risk hurting the people we love while we’re just trying to help them.



But Virgos also have a heart of gold.

venus in virgo love

They are very kind and humanistic beings who can be fussy, certainly, but only through sincere desire to improve people, situations and the world around them. Venus in Virgo is a perfectionist in love, but it also knows how to have fun. We can all assume the role of high standards of love and money, choosing to have a pure and simple vision and no-frills on such issues as taking risks.

The energy of Virgo and Venus drives our impulses and pushes us to do things cautiously. You may notice that you are more reserved with a potential partner or your partner, waiting for him or her to make a move and move to the next level instead of taking the initiative yourself. This vibration makes us want to take concrete steps and feel totally safe before continuing.

Because of this desire for emotional security in our love life, influenced by Virgo and Venus, we risk moving away from anything that could make us too vulnerable and remain completely in our comfort zones during this transit.

Or, we may prefer less complicated relationships and we will want to have fun. So, for some of us, emotional security may close us and make us a little cold with our partner – for others, it will look like a short summer adventure not to put our heart in danger for something deeper and more lasting, at least until the New Moon on August 30th where things will change.

Venus in Virgo certainly has problems of control, but also fears of commitment and vulnerability, but in the short term, it will not necessarily stop you from having fun as a lover.

A warning, however: do not stay awake at night trying to understand every detail of your love life, because we know it does not help anyone. So try not to think too much and act with caution.



Venus in Virgo can become a very critical lover but only because it is passionate and wants to help.

If we surrender to this desire with gentleness and compassion and more, we can be sure that our loved ones will not interpret our help as a threatening thing.

Over the next four weeks, especially before the New Moon in Virgo, do your best not to take things too seriously, relax when you realize that you are afraid of hurting and be gentle with your partner – because we can not (and should not) want to change the person with whom we choose to be.

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