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Harness the Powerful Energy of the Scorpio Blood Moon – May 15/16

A Cosmic Phenomenon.

This cosmic phenomenon is infrequent but powerful and signifies an end, and it means closing a chapter of your life and your soul’s journey.

Blood Moon Eclipse derives from the reddish hue that the Moon assumes when the total lunar eclipse occurs. It always falls on the full moon day and is extremely powerful as it carries the weight of a thousand full moons.

Eclipses can activate your soul contract, anticipating events essential for your evolution. Even though it can put obstacles in your way, it will ultimately set you on the right path.

Closing Doors.

This weekend (May 15/16), the Blood Moon eclipse will be the trigger for something that has to stop and help you close the doors on difficult chapters of your life.

The blood moon eclipse falls into Scorpio, and you will find yourself retreating to shed your layers. You will transform into a deeper and more authentic being, like the mythical phoenix who rises from the ashes! The eclipse will help you realise your true potential.

A Time for Reflection.

You will have your journey to travel, and you should reflect on the cycles you go through in your life.

You’ll also find situations where you need to withdraw to conserve your energy, and that’s ok. Allow the quiet time to experience these awakenings, and it will help you come to terms with your relationships, situations and paths. You may also find yourself in a position to let go of something that needs to change.

Be Patient.

The Blood Moon eclipse is particularly sensitive, so pay close attention to any intuition. Mercury will be retrograde under the Blood Moon eclipse, so you may also feel a little foggy and confused about how you are progressing in your life. If such a situation arises, go inside and try to be patient.

Healing Wounds.

Venus and Chiron are perfect alignment, sending us healing vibrations to cleanse you and heal your open wounds. Some, however, aren’t meant to be healed, but you find true strength.

Learn to trust the powers of the Blood Moon eclipse; it will help guide you, so surrender to the energies. Don’t get caught up in the seriousness of everything. Remember that everything is temporary.

The next Blood Moon Eclipse will be on November 8, 2022. These two eclipses will work together to guide you.


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