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7 Types of Spiritual Awakenings You could Experience Throughout Your Life as a Human

A spiritual awakening feels like waking up every morning and remembering that you are alive, except that you realize that you slept all your life. Some people use the Matrix analogy. You realize that the world is not what you always thought it was, or what they told you it was, and it is something completely different.

Awakening can also happen when you realize yourself, you are not who you thought you were. However, after the first spiritual awakening, you may find that it is not the last, and each awakening may be completely different.

While the list is likely to be longer and every new awakening still reaches Earth through energetic discharges, here is the list of 7 spiritual awakenings that come from the mind and heart that you may experience:



1. Suffering triggers a spiritual awakening.

When it comes to a sudden spiritual awakening, it is most commonly caused by a traumatic experience that leads to intense suffering. It can be a car accident, the death of a loved one or your own illness. It is very likely that the latter causes an awakening. It doesn’t always happen, but when it happens, the person changes his whole life because his perception has always changed.

This is why you may notice that people suffering from cancer or another life-threatening disease, whether drags them down or evolve completely towards a new and happier person from the experience.

After the initial shock and confusion, people in the second category think to themselves: “This is not what I want to see in life; this is not OK.” Their vision of the world changes instantly and so do they. This is the first type of spiritual awakening that comes from the mind.




2. You are not your thoughts.

7 Types of Spiritual Awakenings You could Experience Throughout Your Life as a Human

The second spiritual awakening also comes from the mind, and it can start suddenly when you realize that your thoughts are not who you really are. This can happen in meditation or even in psychological work.

When you hear your own thoughts, there is a second voice in your head that analyzes your thoughts. By noticing this voice, you quickly realize that you are not your thought. Nor are you your emotions, memories or experiences.

This understanding and questioning cause an important awakening that begins with a simple question: If I am not these things, then who am I?




3. Time is an illusion.

We have all heard that time is an illusion, but this concept produces a real awakening when it is felt. Many people say they feel that time is accelerating as we get older. However, time, the human understanding of time, is moving in the same way.

At the same time, some spiritual people have reported that they feel that time is slowing. Because the concept of time really exists through human minds, if you can make your mind calm and slow, time will also be reduced for you.

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4. Spiritual Awakening by spiritual practices.

7 Types of Spiritual Awakenings You could Experience Throughout Your Life as a Human

Another way to awaken spiritually is through daily spiritual practice. For example, if you meditate every day for an hour for an entire year, your mind may reach a state where you will begin to realize the truths about life without further investigation and this can lead to an awakening. The same is true to have a daily yoga practice.

The main reason why these practices work is that they lead you to become aware of yourself and your environment, while most other people are simply walking asleep through life. There is no exact timeline for awakening through meditation or yoga. It may take more or less time depending on the person.




5. Understanding the Nothing.

For a person who does not awake spiritually, the phrase “you are nothing” may seem like something terrible; but to an awakened one it is beautiful and liberating. People adhere to labels, especially descriptive phrases such as; You are strong or weak, easy or stubborn, sociable or quiet.

But all this is not you, they are characteristics that you have acquired in your life, mainly in childhood. You are not your memories, thoughts, emotions or feelings; You are not even the “mind” that is analyzing everything. You are none of those things, so in the bigger picture, you are nothing.

But it is a paradox, you see, because being nothing, we are everything too. Nothing is the space of potential for any type of creation. As creators of everything, in its essence we are nothing specific, we simply are.




6. The awakening of the heart.

7 Types of Spiritual Awakenings You could Experience Throughout Your Life as a Human

When you begin to wake up, it is likely that an awakening of the heart will also take place. The first five spiritual awakenings we discussed earlier were mental awakenings; the last two are the awakenings of the heart.

The first way to wake up the heart is when you start caring for someone other than you. It seems pretty easy, but it’s not about loving your family members or a partner. The awakening of the heart brings an immediate unconditional love for every stranger you know, even if they are very different from you.

One way to trigger this awakening of the heart is through eye observation exercises. This exercise leads you to look into the eyes of a stranger without moving for a long period of time, some facilitators allow the process to continue for hours.

After doing this, most people feel that they have joined with a person they had just met and knew nothing about, united by pure love and humanity.

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7. Feeling connected to everything that is alive.

The last spiritual awakening that we would like to discuss on this list is another kind of awakening of the heart, and that is when you come to a complete understanding that you are connected to everything else.

When that happens, you will feel like hugging trees, watching ants and saving flies at home instead of killing them. You will have a love for every human and you will see yourself in every living creature.

There is no specific order for this spiritual awakening, nor is there a limit to how many you can have. Each awakening is like an update of your being, your human experience.


Which spiritual awakenings, on this list or not, have you experienced? Let us know in the comments below.

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