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How Karma and Trauma Get Reactivated in Our Lives

Do you know that every time you talk about an unhealed injury or trauma, you reinitiate it in your emotional, ethereal, and physical body? When you talk about or even think about, an old problem, you experience it as if it were happening right now.

Since your intuitive personality does not know the distinction between the current experience and past memory, in all practical senses, the injury or unfavorable experience is currently occurring.



When you reset old miserable memories, thoughts, words, and feelings, you produce negative karmic energy that you unintentionally venture out into your future.

This karmic energy manifests itself in increasingly painful encounters, like the first issue. At the end of the day, when issues arise without goals, a karmic circle or an example is created.

Whenever this karmic example actually shows, in actuality, situations, you re-experience the first twisted and the present hurt all the while. By the time this happens, there is a high chance of recovering the past injury by repairing the current injury.

Unfortunately, when an issue is reactivated, rather than using it as a repair opportunity, many of us respond by reducing injuries with numbing substances such as food, drugs, the web, social media, television, and a non-negligible summary of the various distractions.

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Unhealed wounds are put away in the body until we discharge them.

The body obliges as a storage facility for emotional injuries, but it takes its toll, especially if the problems are grouped for a long time. Putting away wounds in the body weakens the body and accommodates illness and disease, as well as causing misery, fatigue, stress, and weight gain. Fortunately, the body is ready to free itself from problems the minute you are.

When an unhealed problem is re-initiated, do not just drive it down, take the effort to finally cure it. This involves making space to feel your emotions and allow the issue to process through to mending. When you allow yourself to completely experience these feelings out of the blue, without opposition, you will naturally recognize which way to mending is right for you.




Wounds must be healed.

We are not meant to spend our lives enduring past problems and damage. Unhealed problems overload us, keep us from snoozing, and keep us from intentionally creating. It is only our own problems that keep us from finding our best potential. Clutching issues keep us constrained and unable to reach our peak.

Due to the changes taking place in the aggregate consciousness and the higher energy now available on this planet, it has never been easier to discharge old problems. Indeed, the problems are currently rising to the top to be resolved. This is the reason why many of us encounter natural difficulties. Wounds must be mended and issues must be discharged, however, you have the final say. None of this can happen until you are ready and willing.

You have to be stress-free in the world of emotional weight. You are destined to pursue a life without limits with a generosity of life and creativity. You are supposed to stay at the top with your arms extended wide, ready to fulfill your most extraordinary dreams. The Universe listens to you.

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