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How Mercury Retrograde 2021 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

2021 has already had a somewhat difficult start, but for the sake of transparency, we must inform you that the first Mercury retrograde 2021 is fast approaching. This much-maligned backspin kicks off on January 30th and continues until February 20th, giving us three long weeks of confusing communications, technology, travel, planning, and other logistical matters.

As anxiety-provoking as it may sound, this Mercurial moonwalk doesn’t have to be a disaster, especially if you know how Mercury retrograde of 2021 will specifically affect your zodiac sign. Retrogrades in astrology are a regular part of every planet’s cycle, during which the planet seems to be moving backward and gives us a chance to slow down and reflect on its energy, and like clockwork, Mercury retrogrades about three times a year.

The upcoming backspin takes place entirely within the realm of the Aquarius, which rules things like friendships, collaboration, and futuristic tech. Because of this, we are likely to feel the typical retrograde effects of Mercury in these areas governed by Aquarius even more so, so save your digital files and proofread your texts before sending them to the group chat.

This retrograde is also part of the great stellium of Aquarius 2021, during which six huge planets will be grouped together in this sign, which means that Mercury’s wobbly retrograde energy will be amplified by a bunch of other planets as well. If we slow things down and focus on the present moment rather than the future, it could be a relatively cold backspin.

But with so much cosmic energy packed into the realm of Aquarius, it might be difficult for some of us to weather the retrograde storm. Everyone is going to experience the first great retrograde of the year differently, so read on for your Mercury retrograde winter 2021 horoscopes so you know what to expect from this wild cosmic ride.




AriesPatience is not your strong suit, Aries, but you’ll need to summon a bit of it during the upcoming retrograde, especially when it comes to working in a group.

Sharing your thoughts in a collaborative setting can easily get ugly if you’re not careful, as people are more likely to misinterpret what you are saying and take offense.

Be very thoughtful about the way you express your thoughts and work with others.





TaurusThis retrograde will have a particularly strong influence on your work life, Taurus, so don’t be surprised if you run into delays on projects or find it difficult to express yourself professionally.

Instead of embarking on new professional endeavors, take this time to revisit past ideas or refine your growth plan in your current field.

When completed, you’ll be refreshed and ready to kill the game with added clarity and confidence.





GeminiTry not to make too many assumptions during the upcoming retrograde, Gemini, as Mercury’s confusion might make it difficult for you to see the big picture clearly.

Mercury is your governing planet, and its slowing down could trap you in some sort of echo chamber, turning personal beliefs into rigid dogmas.

Keep an open mind as you navigate a sea of potential communication challenges, and be prepared to broaden your horizons to consider multiple perspectives.





CancerIt’s a good thing you’re no stranger to soul searching, Cancer because that retrograde requires you to do a lot. Instead of becoming emotionally involved in other people’s issues, use this time to do deep inner reflection and examine your emotional baggage.

If you are willing to think outside the box and trust your inner self, you can begin to overcome past hurts that are weighing you down and leave them behind.

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LeoThis retrograde is affecting your relationship area, Leo, so you might be feeling some tension in your love life. Disagreements from the past might resurface now and new ones might arise as well if you don’t think your words through and practice good listening skills.

Take the opportunity to be objective about the issues within your partnership and try to address the points of contention instead of putting them aside.





VirgoAs one of the most naturally organized zodiac signs, Mercury’s planning issues are going to be the most frustrating part of this backspin. Even your best efforts to plan for the future are likely to run into obstacles and confusion, so it’s best to be flexible about the timing.

Everyone is more likely to be late or to mix up time zones now, including you, so try to leave some wiggle room when booking dates or meetings.





LibraDuring this retrograde, you might struggle to generate new creative ideas like you normally do, which can be frustrating. But if you look back on your past for inspiration, you might find that there are some old, almost forgotten ideas that could be improved upon using the power of hindsight.

The same could be said for your love life, too. While trying to date new people might be messy now, an old adventure might come knocking on the door and provide you with the perfect backslash distraction.





ScorpioThis retrograde could take you on an inward emotional journey, Scorpio, and childhood issues could come to the surface. Instead of wallowing in your memories or trying to erase them altogether, try to be open to talking about your struggles with people you trust.

This time provides a great opportunity to mend disagreements with family members or longtime friends, so seek to bond.

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SagittariusYou feel lost for words under this retrograde, Sagittarius, and this is unusual for you! If you’re not careful, your social life could turn into a jumble of confusing texts, tapped emails, and missed calls over the next few weeks but you can avoid that by being a better listener and not skipping any detail.

While the energy of your fire sign makes you want to go-go-go, retrogrades call it a slowdown, so think before you click “send” on any form of digital communication.





CapricornYour mind is on your money during this retrograde, Capricorn, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good time to spend it. Avoid making big purchases, if possible (especially last-minute splurges on tech items!) because you might regret it later or find that you didn’t get what you expected.

Finances are easily confused under this transit, so be extremely diligent in checking your bank statements, paying your bills on time, and staying on budget.





AquariusWith the retrograde taking place entirely in your zodiac sign, you feel it in a very personal way, Aquarius. You’re usually full of strong opinions and new ideas, but you might feel like you’re in three-week brain fog, unable to form a thought of your own.

Instead of trying to get through the haze, give your mind a break by slowing down and giving yourself some time to think about your situation. Let go of preconceived notions of who you are and start over.





PiscesThe first retrograde of the year will hit you in a more spiritual way, Pisces. You will try to understand how your personal quest for enlightenment aligns with the goals of the collective.

Instead of exhausting yourself with distractions to keep the discomfort at bay, allow yourself to be present with your thoughts and consider ways in which you can align your morals with your daily actions. Once the retrograde is cleared, you will have a better idea of how you want to proceed.

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