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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will be Most Affected by the Mercury Retrograde 2021

Well, we’ve almost managed to get through a full month of the New Year with no Mercury retrograde period but Mercury retrograde winter 2021 kicks off on January 30th, marking the first planetary backspin of the year. Everyone will feel the effects of this often annoying transit, but the zodiac signs most affected by it will want to take a few retrograde precautions to avoid a full-blown mind melt.

Mercury retrograde periods (which occur every few months and last for about three weeks) always confuse our lives in the areas of thinking, timing, technology, and communication, which are the areas that Mercury rules in astrology. This one, in particular, occurs in Aquarius, the avant-garde fixed air sign, which will slow us down in terms of technology, friendships, and future plans.

All zodiac signs will want to be careful when it comes to dealing with multiple perspectives, relying on technology to do things for us, or planning things in advance, as it will be easy to meet people. confusions, problems, or communication problems. This retrograde Mercury also has a few tricks up its sleeves.

It aligns with the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter during its backward jaunt, which will blend its energy with that of these planets and amplify its effect. And on February 10th, Mercury retrograde forms a frustrating square aspect with Mars (which is in the fixed sign of Taurus) and this activates even more retrograde tension and impatience for the fixed signs of the zodiac.

If you’re one of the fixed signs, be on the alert for dramas, distractions, and other retrograde antics from Mercury from January 30th to February 20th. Here’s the scoop on which zodiac signs Mercury retrograde in winter 2021 will affect the most.



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Make sure to dot your I’s and cross your T’s at work for the next few weeks, Taurus. Because this Mercury retrograde period affects the career sector of your chart, it could lead to confusion and communication issues in the workplace.

With Mars bringing fire to your sign throughout this backspin, you will feel the tension between wanting to move forward on projects and hitting obstacles brought on by the retrograde.

Take it slowly and avoid starting new businesses at work or having serious conversations about your professional future. Instead, stay busy revisiting old projects (and be sure to double-check your work before hitting Submit).

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Be careful, Leo, because this retrograde period of Mercury is coming to your love life. With the backspin taking place in the partnership area of your chart, you might find that old wounds between you and a lover (or ex!) might come to the surface.

Communication errors are also likely, so try not to take words too personally and be mindful of how you express yourself through text, as it’s easier to take things out of context during this transit.

As stressful as it can be, this retrograde upheaval in your close relationships is actually a good thing because it could help you find a better balance with your partner and resolve any issues that may have subsided below the surface.





This retrograde journey is likely to be emotional for you, Scorpio, as it barrels through the home and family sector of your chart and brings up all kinds of memories from the past.

Troubles with family members or insecurities from your childhood might come up now, so be prepared to face any feelings that might ensue.

It’s also possible that you have to deal with disagreements in your home life, so try to keep your cool if quarrels arise. The most important thing through this retrograde is to have a space to retreat and feel nourished while you deal with your emotions. Reach out to trusted friends for moral support.





Mercury retrograde is blasting your sign this month, Aquarius, along with a bunch of other planetary actions, so you’re going to feel its effects in a deeply personal and complex way. Right now you’re putting a lot of emphasis and focusing on your self-image, so the retrograde could cause an identity crisis.

It will be difficult to express yourself and show who you are to the world when you are faced with internal turmoil, brain fog, and tech crises galore. The best thing to do is slow down.

Use your power of objectivity to break out of your personal storm, and remember that everyone is faced with retro-drama as well. Use this time to revisit your recent choices and correct your course to make sure you show off your talents in the right way to move forward.

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