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How Self-Aware and Conscious Are You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

When you are self-aware you deeply understand your own behavior, your emotions, and how you react to things and situations. You are not trying to pretend to be other than yourself. You are comfortable in your own skin and you have fully accepted yourself.

You are attentive enough to understand the situations and people around you and take action.

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.”
~ Ralph Ellison, The invisible man

Being conscious and self-aware is both a trait and an art that can be cultivated over time. While some of us are naturally more conscious, some simply are not.

Here we rank the 12 zodiac signs from the least to the most self-aware:



12. Gemini:

You have too many personalities to be self-aware. Your communication skills and your spontaneity make you loved by your family and friends.

The sign of the twin, you have two or more opposite energies making you lose focus on what you are doing. When your twin takes control of your conscience, you dwell in pride.

The best way for you to be self-aware is to understand that there are opposing forces within you. Your impatience is known to everyone, but don’t worry, you are loved by all for your kindness and your peers also know how unpredictable you are.



11. Leo:

You are too egocentric to be self-aware. Your passion is overshadowed by your self-centeredness. Like the lion, you always want to be the center of attention.

This self-centeredness prevents you from becoming aware of yourself because you cannot handle negative reviews and everything must be about you.

You have to learn to leave the spotlight and give others their deserved space to be self-aware.



10. Capricorn:

You are too busy judging others. As an Earth sign, you represent responsibility and have high values for tradition, which makes you practice self-control.

However, in doing so, when you see others behaving differently, you tend to become overly critical in a very negative sense of the word that prevents you from becoming self-aware.

You have to understand that being responsible and respecting traditions is extremely good, but you also have to accept the way others lead their lives and stop being so critical.



9. Sagittarius:

You are too idealistic and outgoing to be self-aware. You are the wild and carefree Sagittarius who enjoys exploring the world, meeting new people, doing new things. You are too optimistic and believe that something or the other will work.

It is good to go out and explore the universe, but you should also start to consider the negative results also sometimes because life does not take place in extreme conditions, it is balanced. Understanding this will make you self-aware.

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8. Pisces:

You are just too bohemian. We understand that you have your own world, Pisces! You are an old soul full of creativity; you are extremely progressive, which puts you in the shade in some social circles.

You are extremely kind, loyal, helpful, and full of positivity but you have to understand, not everyone is as progressive as you and certain social circles will not approve of it.

As fanciful as you are, you should also be self-aware; take a break from your imaginary country, and try to act like a Roman while in Rome.



7. Taurus:

You are just too stubborn to see how others see you. Grounded, honest, loyal, responsible, and attentive … you have everything you need to be a really nice person. But you can’t handle negative reviews.

You take offense if someone points out your faults. You must understand that none of us is perfect. To be more self-aware, you have to let go of this stubbornness and accept that you too can sometimes make mistakes.



6. Cancer:

You are way too moody. You are one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Simple in your approach, you never fear to show your moods.

You are empathetic towards others, which is, of course, a very good attribute, but sometimes you give up your mood swings and let your emotions understand the situation instead of logical reasoning.

This is what comes in the way of becoming aware of yourself. You have the power to understand the emotions of others. Just be a little rational from now on.



5. Aries:

Just pay attention to your impulsiveness. You are optimistic, passionate, confident. The fire in you gives you the strength to get things done in a positive light. However, your impulsiveness prevents you from becoming completely self-aware.

Remember to ask yourself “why am I doing this” before diving into something and you will stop making mistakes and get to know yourself better. Your competitive nature bothers you. So let go of that too.

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4. Aquarius:

Your intellectuality helps you to become self-aware. You have a high level of intellect and you always want to stand out. This desire to be different makes you self-aware.

But your temper must be controlled to reach the highest level of self-awareness. Be a little expressive and learn to socialize to use your potential to the fullest.



3. Scorpio:

You have the keys to everyone’s secrets. Like the other signs of water, you are emotional, but what makes you special is the radius you have. You have stability and you understand others very well.

However, you don’t disclose your feelings to everyone, which makes you internalize your emotions; you analyze them yourself which allows you to know yourself better. It is your secret nature that could create a little problem, but on the whole, you are self-aware.



2. Virgo:

You are extremely analytical and tend to be hard on yourself. You are a perfectionist and work hard for everything. Limelight does not fascinate you and you are constantly striving to give the best of yourself. By doing this, you are too hard on yourself. Relax!

You are very self-aware. So stop criticizing yourself too much.



1. Libra:

You are most self-aware of all the signs. And the crown goes to you, Libra, the zodiac sign represented by the scales. You not only know how to understand others well, but you also know yourself the most.

You solve other people’s problems, connect two people after the fights, and even recognize your faults. You analyze yourself at all times and you always rectify yourself to be a better human being. You deserve it!

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