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These are the 6 Zodiac Signs that Will Live the Most Fortunate Year Ever in 2019

Enjoy this new year that is about to arrive if you are among the most fortunate signs in 2019 because it will finally be the decisive year for love, money, and career that you will have, without your least effort, or extra gear. The 2019 horoscope opens doors for you. These zodiacs will live a crackling spring full of good vibes until winter, with fast and sparkling rhythms. Cheers!


Aries, the lucky zodiac sign in love

This autumn the sign of fire of Aries is already warming the heart with a summer love that seemed to have no hope at the beginning and instead turned out to be a winner, making the protected of Mars his sweet, romantic and needy attention.

2019 will reinforce this desire for sweetness and the stars will give luck on the road to something serious and long lasting, which will bring great satisfaction and lightness especially between October and November. Between roses and flowers…



Cancer, the lucky zodiac sign in relationships

The sign of the Moon did not experience a simple 2018, between some money problems and a great sense of general dissatisfaction that brought bitterness, especially at the beginning of autumn.

2019 starts off slowly, thanks to Saturn, who always puts his beak, but at the beginning of spring we have to keep strong because the Cancer relationships will blossom like flowers and the charisma will be sky-high, making this sign find a self-confidence that he/she believed was lost. But on only one condition: accepting, with enthusiasm and without restraint, all the new proposals because luck assists you and rewards you.



Leo, the lucky zodiac sign in his career

Promotions in sight for the sign of the Sun! In full style, the Leo begins 2019 with a bang with a horoscope full of good news in the workplace. From zero to a hundred, in short, for this sign that has lived 2018 full of efforts and sacrifices, this will bring the long-awaited fruits and, thanks to the astral influences of Jupiter, get that increase will be as easy as drinking a glass of prosecco.

Attention to those born in the first decade: the realization in the career could be elsewhere, in an office far away from yours. Likely!



Libra, the lucky zodiac sign in the realization of dreams

Who knows what are the new year’s plans for Libra, a sign of air always with the head in the clouds. Yet, whatever the goal, the protagonist of the horoscope governed by Venus will be assisted by a good general and lasting fate throughout 2019 that will help her to make the right decision even when everything seems lost.

If 2018 has been enigmatic, 2019 will bring serenity to different spheres of Libra‘s life and embracing change, even when it is difficult, is the best advice that the stars can give to those born between September and October.



Sagittarius, the lucky zodiac sign in health

It will be a golden year for the health of Sagittarius, word of stars, but not only the physical one! This sign of fire always agitated and stressed, so now will find peace even in terms of the mind and emotions, finally managing to enjoy a flat sea after years and years of storms and sudden storms.

2019 will be the zen year for the sign of Jupiter that will find the rediscovered peace and a perfect harmony even in the physical form that will be enviable!


Aquarius, the lucky zodiac sign throughout 2019

Finally a joy for the sign of the Aquarius that will live an unforgettable year full of positive surprises. The desire for victory burns more than the Sun for the protected of Saturn and Uranus, which will have, after years, all 2019 with the road flattened and downhill, made brilliant by a blinding fortune that guides the way.

The Aquarius would do well to take advantage of this year to engage in something serious about work, invest in the study and take the next step in relationships of love that have been shaky for some time. Destiny rewards the brave ones!

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