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How the Full Wolf Moon January 2022 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Prepare to dive deep into your feelings, as the Full Moon rising on January 17 will have them swelling up to tsunami-level heights. As the first Full Moon of 2022, this heartfelt lunation is all about getting real with our rawest emotions and embracing our inner selves, even though there are pieces of us that are difficult to confront.

It’s a great time for release and personal acceptance, so you’ll want to know how the January 2022 Full Moon will affect your zodiac sign. January’s lunar climax rises in the final days of Capricorn season, which has caused us to focus on our careers, financial matters, and practical plans over the past month.

However, the rise of this Full Moon through the cardinal water sign Cancer reminds us that in order to achieve our tangible goals, we must also embrace the most intangible influences in our lives.

Being sensitive is just as important as being strong, so this lunation asks us to embrace our softer sides with a sense of education, comfort, and caring. Cancer is the Moon-ruled sign in astrology, so expect to snuggle up to your feelings and expect embracing your sentimental side under this lunation.

However, with dark and destructive planet Pluto opposing the Full Moon, you can also prepare to feel comfortable with your less comfortable feelings. It’s time to dig beneath the surface of your heart and face the dark truths that you might otherwise separate from your daily awareness.

Secrets can be revealed and heavy accomplishments can be revealed, but it is all for the greater purpose of healing and peace. Focusing on shadow work and showing your inner self some love is a must. Here’s the scoop on how the January Full Moon will affect each zodiac sign so you know exactly what to expect.





ARIES AUGUSTYou are naturally fiery and fearless, Aries, so it’s usually easy to move your desires forward without spending too much time getting carried away by your feelings.

However, this lunation highlights your need for comfort. Slow down your pace to connect with your family, get in touch with your emotions, and recharge your batteries at home before rushing off again.





TAURUS AUGUSTYou normally prefer to take things slow and steady, Taurus, but this Full Moon will find you balancing a million different obligations at once.

Your social calendar is filling up quickly, and you will find that conversations with others take up a lot of your energy. Be intentional with your words and choose how you spend your time to make sure you don’t overwork yourself.





GEMINI AUGUSTYour drive to find financial security is at its peak under this Full Moon, Gemini, so now is a great time to start balancing your books or trying to run an income-generating business.

Earning more money and spending more wisely are great goals when it comes to bringing more luxury to your life, but what is more important is feeling comfortable and secure with what you have.





CANCER AUGUSTHappy Full Moon in your sign, Cancer! This near-home lunation shines a light on deep truths and meaningful realizations about yourself, your relationships, and how you present yourself in the world.

While you may feel like you are overflowing with feelings, you will also have access to a sort of mystical clarity that will allow you to see yourself in a new light.





LEO AUGUSTYour intuition is at an all-time high under this Full Moon, Leo, so it’s time to lean on your mystical side.

Instead of focusing too much on practical matters, this is an important opportunity to rely on your instincts to make decisions. Your inner self knows what is best, and if you silence the outer chatter, you will be able to hear the truth loud and clear.





VIRGO AUGUSTAs an earth sign, you are by nature a practical person, Virgo. But this Full Moon asks you to put your pragmatism aside in order to visualize the most innovative and extraordinary future that your imagination can create.

Your hopes and wishes for the collective are bursting with inspiration now, so connect with your team members and brew up some magical ideas.





LIBRA AUGUSTIt’s time to let go of your doubts at work, Libra. Your diplomacy, creativity, and intelligence are on display to the world right now, but if you don’t believe in yourself, it’s for nothing.

This Full Moon marks an important time to dig deep and overcome the fears and outdated beliefs that keep you from accessing your professional power.





SCORPIO AUGUSTYour mind is opening up to new possibilities and information under this month’s Full Moon, Scorpio, so take the opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Now is the perfect time to continue in-depth conversations with interesting people or dive into learning something new, as you are currently able to soak up new knowledge like a sponge.





SAGITTARIUS AUGUSTThis Full Moon is hitting a vulnerable part of your chart, Sagittarius, so don’t be surprised if you are feeling a little more emotional than usual.

You are in the midst of a personal transformation, and to truly grow, you need to pay off your debts and clear your slate of any secrets. Freedom is important to you, so let go of all the energy burdens that keep you from soaring.





CAPRICORN AUGUSTThis Full Moon is about your partnerships, Capricorn, so this is an important time to fully embrace your romantic feelings and desires, especially those that are not visible from the surface.

Offering tangible stability and loyalty in relationships is important, but just as important is offering an emotional sense of comfort and encouragement. Find a balance between the two.





AQUARIUS AUGUSTYou’ve got a pretty busy schedule right now, Aquarius. Work projects, errands, and social plans pile up and peak all at the same time, leaving you with little energy for other things.

However, your health and wellness should come first over everything else, so check in with your body and make sure you’re getting the rest and care you need to achieve your goals.





PISCES AUGUSTInspiration flows under this watery Full Moon, Pisces, so use the rush of feeling to fuel your creative fires.

Taking a passionate project to its peak can be successful now, as you will feel motivated and ready to bare your soul. It can be a spicy time for relationships too, so ask your crush on a date or otherwise put yourself out there.



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