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This Will Be Your Best Day in 2022, According to Your Zodiac Sign

New year, new astrology, and with it a whole lot of new opportunities for greatness. The astrological transits of the past two years have been difficult, to say the least. But the great thing about planets is that they just never stop moving, which means nothing will ever stay the same.

In fact, there will be so many changes over the next year or so that every zodiac sign will experience a major positive change over the next 365 days. The best day of 2022 for your zodiac sign only further promotes that.

Whether the planets are slowly traveling the sky (retrograde) or moving at a direct speed, they are affecting us in a major, major way, changing your life and bringing you closer to your goals and ambitions.

As we prepare for the big-moment ingresses in 2022, each zodiac sign will benefit from many of the changes that take place; Jupiter will travel through the entire sign of Pisces for the first time since 2011, the nodal axis will move to Taurus and Scorpio for the first time since 2002, and so on, making this a pretty important year for everyone.

As a collective, there will be a lot of luck ahead, but the Number 1 day for your zodiac sign in 2022 is about to make so much sense. Here’s what you can expect:



Aries: May 10, 2022

Aries purpleOn this lucky day of Spring, Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, will move into Aries, inviting many new and exciting ventures into your life.

As it moves from your twelfth house of isolation to your first house of self, the inner work you have been prioritizing over the past year will display itself in a way that is aligned with how you naturally express yourself.

As a planet that represents travel and wisdom, this is a great time to take trips, enroll in that class you’ve been wanting to partake in, or start your own personal passion project. Whatever you choose to prioritize now will grow, so choose wisely.




Taurus: April 30, 2022

Taurus purpleThe entire year of 2022 is pretty important to you, especially with the North Node traveling through your first house of self all the time, causing eclipses in this area of your chart until October 2023, making the first solar eclipse along this axis a pretty big deal.

Taking place in such an important area of your chart, this eclipse will likely coincide with some major personal changes in your life. As a fixed sign, this may be a tad bittersweet. You’ve been waiting for these changes for some time though, and April 30 is when you’ll notice the turning point.

This series of eclipses invites you to reflect on your internal security and comfort. Have you relied too much on others to be your sense of security? If so, now is the time to make the necessary adjustments.




Gemini: May 30, 2022

Gemini purpleMay 30, 2022, marks the day of the first non-eclipsed New Moon in Gemini since May 2020, so the new starts that coincide with that lunation luckily won’t be incredibly overwhelming.

You’ve been through a ton of personal changes over the past couple of years, but the good thing is you’re finally getting a New Moon in your first house of self that doesn’t turn everything upside down.

Now is a great time to jump into something new and exciting, and as a curious sign, you can work with this energy to jump into a new profession or skill. The possibilities are endless now, and they have a cheerful, upbeat nature. Make sure you soak up any new ideas that come to you right now, as they will be really aligned with who you are.




Cancer: June 28, 2022

Cancer PurpleOn this day, the New Moon in Cancer will square off with Jupiter in Aries, causing excessive growth and expansion between your first house of self and your tenth house of career, and launching you into a very active and busy time.

You’ve experienced a lot of career growth, and the best part is that it matches your desire to find emotional security and comfort in your life. New Moons always coincide with the start of a new chapter, and in your first house of self, this will be a great time to start an exciting new professional business or passion project.

You really can’t go wrong with your career right now, but just make sure you keep up with your pace, as much of the growth you will experience will definitely come with more responsibility.

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Leo: June 16, 2022

Leo PurpleOn June 16, Venus in Taurus will be conjoining the North Node in Taurus in your tenth house of career and public image, instilling some unity and alignment in your professional endeavors. You are someone who takes your public personality very seriously, and today’s astrology will make it easy to present yourself in a complimentary light.

Whether you are looking for a raise, a new position, or to start a new business, these transits support it and will propel you in the right direction. Just make sure you are well prepared for the growth, as the North Node tends to have quite a strong influence.




Virgo: March 21, 2022

Virgo PurpleMercury and Jupiter will join forces in your seventh house of relationships on this day, reuniting your ruling planet, Mercury, and the ruler of your relationship house in a dreamy and idealistic way. Now is a great time to go out on a date, hang out with your loved ones, or work on some kind of collaborative project.

However you choose to work with this energy, it will be beneficial as Jupiter comes in contact with the ruler of your first house. This is a growth-driven day for you, so whether you are involved with a romantic partner, you will feel this energy quite strongly.

While Pisces is the exact opposite sign of Virgo, its energy reminds you to step out of your perfectionist, detail-oriented perspective and step into the realm of optimistic possibilities. Get in touch with your dreams, because anything will be possible on March 21.




Libra: May 29, 2022

Libra PurpleOn May 29, Mars in Aries will form a conjunction with Jupiter in Aries in your seventh house of relationships, emphasizing growth and expansion in this area.

As someone who prioritizes connection, this transit will emphasize new and exciting relationship endeavors that are likely to be operational. As a Libra, the energy of Aries keeps you motivated, but oftentimes that energy can be quite intense, being a fire sign and all.

While your new romantic adventures are filled with new energy, it’s important to pace yourself during this time. As a zodiac peacemaker you tend to avoid conflict at all costs, so be sure to speak up if things are going a little too fast for you right now.




Scorpio: October 25, 2022

Scorpio PurpleAs the South Node passes through your first house of self until October 2023, you will experience many eclipses along this nodal axis, making the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on October 25 an important time for you.

As a fixed sign, you tend to resist change a bit, but the Eclipse reminds you that it’s time to loosen your grip. On October 25, you’ll likely be asked to evaluate your inclination to prioritize privacy. How have you kept new relationships from entering your life because of fear?

While this eclipse is likely to stir up some pretty big emotions, it will also remind you that you can be vulnerable around other people, which will change everything for you. Allow yourself to be open.

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Sagittarius purpleSagittarius: November 23, 2022

After a very slow and long retrograde, Jupiter will finally station direct on November 23, the same day as the first non-eclipsed New Moon in Sagittarius since 2020. You’ve gone through many major changes in the past two years.

Jupiter, your ruling planet, going direct on the same day as a New Moon in your first house of self, reminds you that growth is taking place and that you are learning from the changes that you have undergone.

While there has probably been a lot of emphasis on your home and family this year (and it probably hasn’t been incredibly smooth), the retrograde ending on November 23 will help many of the issues you’ve endured to melt away, propelling you forward again, just in time for 2023.




Capricorn: January 29, 2022

Capricorn PurpleVenus in Capricorn will finally station direct on this special day, allowing you to start moving forward, and most importantly (for you), your career endeavors.

Since Venus rules your tenth house, this retrograde (which began in December 2021) has likely slowed down some of your professional endeavors as you entered the New Year, to your dismay, but on January 29 you will see things start to progress again.

Around now, you will begin to see the fruits of your labor slowly but surely begin to appear. As one of the most hardworking zodiac signs, you deserve it.




Aquarius: March 5, 2022

Aquarius PurpleOn March 5th, the Sun and Jupiter in Pisces will join forces in your second house of money and resources, bringing abundance to your finances and possessions in a dreamlike and idealistic way.

Your resources will take a lot of leaps forward this year, and this is one of the first turning points you’ll likely notice. You are someone who has had a complicated relationship with your possessions over the years, so the growth in this area may surprise you.

With that in mind, be sure to keep an eye on where your money is going. You tend to be selfless with your funds, but as a Saturnian individual, it is important that you establish some sort of financial security for yourself.

This is the perfect day to assess your resources and make the necessary adjustments based on the growth you have gained, to ensure that your money remains secure and stable.




Pisces: April 30, 2022

Pisces purpleIn fact, you will experience one of the best astrology of 2022, as your ruling planet, Jupiter, moves into your first house of self for the first half of the year. This transit will reach a positive climax on April 30, as Venus and Jupiter join forces in your first house of self.

These two planets love to be in Pisces and also love to be so close to each other. On this day, you will notice that a sense of enlightenment, beauty, and positivity comes over you, so be sure to put it to good use.

As a Pisces, you tend to invest a lot of your energy in your dreams and ideals, and this day will fully support that. During this great time for manifesting, you can truly make positive and transformative changes.

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