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How the Pisces Season Will Affect You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

With the Pisces season and the arrival of March, get ready to have a dig deep into your feelings. When the Sun enters Pisces on February 19, we will feel more self-aware, more creative, empathetic, but also a little more pessimistic than usual.

With Pisces season, you might also feel like you have to do too much. But by being aware of this trend, it is possible to counter this.

This Pisces season will also take place during the first retrogradation of Mercury, which could lead you to assess your relationships with others. We will need to tap into our empathy to clearly express our desires.

However, the retrograde Pisces and Mercury season could also have an impact on your goals, your career, and your finances.

Find out how the Pisces season could affect you, depending on your zodiac sign:




If your thoughts keep flowing in your mind, then this Pisces season will finally help you slow down and see more clearly. You will tame your thoughts, and you will focus on what you really want. You will have the opportunity to carefully review your future choices and understand the desires of your soul.

Think about what you’d like and start setting yourself some goals. After Mercury retrograde, you will be ready to get things done.





Taurus, during the month of March, you will want to reach out to those around you, and perhaps even reconnect with old friends.

You could reconnect with like-minded people and even carry out an important project that could help those who need it.

Pisces season could be a good time to start connecting with positive and optimistic people.





If you’ve been working hard on a project for the past few weeks, it might be noticed. However, the Pisces season could inspire you to transform your project into a more stimulating and innovative thing.

As Mercury is your governing planet and communication is disrupted when it becomes retrograde, you should be attentive to the messages that you spread around the world.





Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto have been challenging your relationship sector for some time. Mercury retrograde gives you the opportunity to reconsider your relationships and settle any differences, especially with regard to money and debts.

With the full moon in Virgo in your third house of agreements and communication on March 9, you could have difficult but necessary conversations. You may need to take decisive action on an important issue.





Leo, Pisces season will be a time of reflection for you. When the Sun enters Pisces, you will find yourself assessing your resources, including your spending habits.

You will certainly make some changes to keep your future secure, possibly by creating a savings account or setting a budget.






With Pisces season, you may question your partnerships and relationships. A special person who had left may come back to see you.

However, take the time to think about whether this is the type of relationship you need right now. Learn to set your limits. Peace and resolution are the keys to guide you.





Do not be surprised if an old relationship breaks into your life during this Pisces season. Venus, your governing planet, will be in Aries until March 5, focusing on friendships and romantic partners.

Things that happen “behind the scenes” could also be revealed, because the full moon will take place in Virgo, in your twelfth house “of the hidden”. During this time, be careful not to gossip, otherwise, you will have a lot of explanations to give.





The Pisces season will open many doors for you in love, but you will want to make the big decisions when Mercury is no longer retrograde.

Instead, take advantage of this time to indulge your creative side. You will feel more energetic than usual. Write down your ideas and dreams. After Mercury retrograde, you may be surprised at how much you can be a creative genius.





Even if your sign is generally focused on adventure, this Pisces season will make you feel family-oriented. You may be inspired to reflect on your past memories.

You may realize that you feel a little disconnected. By making an effort to reconnect, you will feel more grounded.





If your mind is very concerned, this season could finally calm things down. You often seek to reach the pinnacle of success.

But it is necessary to stop and think about those who helped you and got you where you are today.






Even if you usually like your freedom, you will tend to stay at home during the Pisces season. Mercury retrograde that crosses your second house of finance will help you define better spending habits for yourself. You may want to spend time at home instead of always going out.

And with Uranus, your governing planet, crossing your fourth house of family and home, you might find yourself planning a family meal or having friends at your house just to have a good time.





Pisces, you will feel a sense of freedom to express yourself in your element. It means being empathetic, emotionally aware and artistic, especially if you stifle that side in everyday life.

With the Sun in your sign, you will feel like you understand your value. And that could inspire you to achieve certain goals. Honor your emotional needs, and clearly define what you would like to do in the coming months.


Take advantage of the month of March and the Pisces season to reflect on your relationships and define new goals for the coming months.



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