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Monthly Horoscope May 2020 For Each Zodiac Sign

We are always amazed by what our zodiac sign says about our lives, whether it’s the most compatible signs or how each sign handles conflict in relationships.

The month opens with a powerful and passionate Full Moon in Scorpio (May 7), which pushes us to focus on our healing, our acts of altruism, and reinventing the workplace.

With the hard work of Saturn retrograde on May 11 and Mars on Pisces on the 13th, we can expect a little focus on productivity and more to reassess our commitments to others and get the rest we need.

Our values and relationships are also examined while Venus retrogrades on the 13th in communicative and curious Gemini. With Mercury’s return to Gemini on the 11th, there will be a lot of gossip in the air, especially when it comes to resolving issues within our partnerships and connections.

Meanwhile, on May 14, generous Jupiter becomes retrograde in no-nonsense Capricorn, which asks us to look before we jump and keep what we have. On the 20th, the Sun enters Gemini, drawing attention to our way of thinking, the information we share and consume, and the importance of staying flexible.

The New Moon in Gemini on May 22 gives us some ideas on the best way to move forward, but we must be prepared to face difficult truths and make dramatic changes to do so. With the communicative Mercury entering Cancer with a tender heart on the 28th, intuition becomes our superpower.

Discover your monthly horoscope for May 2020:




A financial issue may work in your favor, but it may require you to seek help from your community. When it comes to your goals or career plans, less is more.

Patience and a lot of rest will be necessary. Revisit ideas and conversations.





You may need to renegotiate a business partnership this month, especially when it comes to your money.

If you feel undervalued, underpaid, or overlooked, it’s time to start working to fix it. Don’t let fear stop you.





This month is asking you to find a healthier balance between what you do for others and what you do for yourself.

Also, when it comes to improving, be gentle with yourself. In terms of reputation, pay attention to how you represent yourself.





Authenticity is a theme this month, as you are called upon to stop underestimating yourself or filtering yourself out. Show off your gifts.

With partnerships, it’s time to step back and allow others to manage their own affairs. You need rest and replenishment.





A family or family-related affair could come to a head, prompting you to solve problems with loved ones or to redefine the community. In terms of health, slow down and listen to your body.

Friendships may need to be renegotiated. Watch your money.





You might receive recognition for something you’ve worked hard on. Although at the same time, you are asked to be more selective about what you do.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you have to do it. Maintain your limits.





You may find a solution to an urgent financial issue, but it may involve letting go of something that you think is important but is not.

That said, know that your value, your identity, or your path are linked to your productivity. Check your beliefs.





May could bring you some sort of cathartic breakthrough, especially when it comes to unhealthy relationships or family dynamics.

In addition, you may need to consider where you hold on too closely to certain ideas and attitudes. Your finances will need attention.





The month begins with a push for you to look after your emotional well-being. It may be time to release something or someone who obsesses you.

Partnerships and contracts must be reassessed or renegotiated. Save your money.





You might get a fanfare for a creative idea or project this month or you might have a creative breakthrough.

Although with regard to the various projects in which you are involved, it may be time to step back from some. Your well-being demands it.





You could have a financial victory this month if there is money waiting for you, but watch out for unexpected expenses. Meanwhile, you are called upon to find better ways to manage stress.

Reconnecting with pleasure is the way to go. Romance comes up for review.





This month is asking you to pull inward and focus a little less on helping or working for others and on doing more for yourself.

The dynamics of relationships with your family should be reviewed. How can you find an anchor within you?




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