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How to Read Auras and What Is the Meaning of Each Color

Very sensitive people and empaths are able to recognize, absorb and accumulate energy. They can see the auras around our bodies.

A happy and satisfied person vibrates high-frequency positive energy around him, while an unhappy person vibrates low-frequency negative energy.

Sometimes, when you walk past someone, you can steal his energy and vice versa. If you enter or someone enters your energy field, it can lead to clashes or conflict situations without any particular reasonable reason.

All this happens because of the aura of energy that surrounds us and of which most of us are totally unaware.

If we know a few things about auras, their colors and their meaning, we will be better prepared for the real world and spiritually stronger:



Red Aura:

The people surrounded by the red aura are the most enthusiastic and energetic people, always ready for a new adventure.

They can be impulsive and fast, they want to try everything and taste everything. However, their dangerous approach could put them in unpleasant and dangerous situations.

They are also easy to anger, mostly intelligent, self-confident and courageous. They adapt quickly, so they have great professional success and can also become extremely rich.

Their worst side is their constant attention deficit. They want and always need to be at the top, at the center of the universe.




Yellow Aura:

People with yellow dominant aura are analytical, intelligent and logical people. They are not distracted, but very cautious.

They calculate everything and many of them are so workaholic that they are strongly focused on their material world.

People with yellow aura are very resistant to stress, depression and anxiety.

They are happy with themselves and extremely self-sufficient. Unlike the others, they love solitude and at the same time, they are great communicators and know how to socialize. However, their socialization is seen as an obligation, not necessary.

They don’t make friends easily, and if they do, their friends are also people with a yellow aura – intelligent and hard-working.

Intense self-criticism and perfectionism is common in these people.




Blue Aura:

Completely blue auras are quite rare but may appear as one of the most daring colors in people with strong personalities.

People with blue aura are the main communicators in the world. They have the ability to convey their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and concepts in an eloquent and charismatic way. They are excellent writers, poets, and politicians.

They are also very intelligent and very intuitive. They certainly have their heads and hearts balanced in making difficult decisions and choices. They are incredibly good organizers and can motivate and inspire others.




Golden Aura:

People with a golden Aura have an extraordinary aesthetic sense, love beauty and have an artistic talent.

You could call them hedonists: they really love the good things in life and they love themselves and their surroundings with beauty, class, and extravagance.

They also want to be the center of attention and are very good at it. They know how to entertain social groups and influence the admiration of others.

For this reason, people with golden aura are known to have many, many friends. They are thoughtful and participate, they will give you time, they will listen to you and make a good company.

However, they don’t like their flaws and can’t stand criticism. They hide under the masks and this is their biggest problem. They are very proud and independent.




White/Silver Aura:

These are people who have special gifts. They will use their gifts through their life journey to grow as a person.

They are very wise and really learn life lessons. They are sensitive, intuitive and also have some psychic abilities.

These people have the strongest spirit and the greatest potential to reach spiritual divinity and find “The truth”.

People with a predominant silver or white aura are always considered very attractive. They attract people and admirers, but sometimes this could be a problem because they don’t want to be the center of attention.

They don’t really care about reputation, nor are they proud or selfish. They are people considered very lucky.




Brown Aura:

The brown aura always suggests something wrong with your personality. Indicates confusion, discouragement, lack of trust and fear.

Dark brown indicates selfishness and a tendency to deceive.




Black Aura:

This is the aura of hatred, negativity, depression or some serious illness. This color is really a bad sign.




If you want to read your Aura, follow these simple steps.

Stand or sit in front of a mirror with a solid, bright background behind you and start looking at you.

Focus on the outlined position on your body, on the area between your neck and shoulders. At first, you might see a thin white or transparent image around your body. This white or transparent image will appear as an almost clear form of energy, but you will surely see it. Stay focused. Eventually, that white or transparent image will expand and become a visible color.

At this point, you are seeing something your mind is not used to seeing, which triggers your brain to start thinking, and the aura disappears.

It will return quickly and disappear as soon as you think about what you are seeing. If you can stay focused, your aura will shine brightly. Slowly, you will see it more and more and you will be able to really determine which aura surrounds you.

If you stay focused long enough on your inner aura, you will soon be able to see your outer aura.

However, this process requires a lot of concentration and spiritual strength. You’ll see waves that are slowly emitting light from your body, but still, it’s hard if you’re not a spiritually advanced person.



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  1. Cindy Wells

    Thank you for this. I was never able to read auras myself (although I tried, believe me) but a friend of mine at one point revealed shyly, that she had been able to read auras from an early age. I had been discussing the two books that I had read about how aura colors affected personality, and was vascillating between indigo and violet. She looked at my aura, and it was neither. There was a thin band right next to my body that was a mixture of purple and black (since that band relates to the physical body I was not surprised, as I knew then that I had health problems, but only later did I get diagnosed with multiple tick-borne infections and several other opportunist infections acquired elsewhere). However, the rest of my aura was white with rays extending roughly 6 feet from my body. I didn’t know exactly what the white had meant until now.

  2. Elizabeth Holt

    I love all this sort of thing I’m going to try and see if I can see mine ooh I just can’t wait sounds so interesting Thankyou for sharing this to me and anyone else who’s reading

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