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These 6 Signs Of The Universe Will Test Your True Vibration

All that surrounds us in the world carries vibratory energy, either positivity or negativity. This includes not only your neighbor, but all other beings, creatures, and objects existing in this world. Do you currently live at a time with high or low vibratory energy?

The “law of vibration” states that everything around us moves and vibrates, each with its own vibratory frequency. In the same way, our thoughts, feelings, and choices are too. These vibrations will resonate with each other, either positively, associated with a higher vibration level, or negatively associated with a lower level of vibration.

By understanding and embracing the functioning of this energy within the universe, we can take advantage of it to act in our favor. Have you worked for a specific purpose in life, but still fall short? Proper use of the energy and vibrations of the Universe can give you the boost you need. But how do you know where your current vibratory energy is?

Refer to these 6 signs to test your vibratory frequency:



1. Emotional state

Your emotional state is a direct reflection of your vibrations at all times. Higher vibrations trigger feelings like happiness, love, friendship, and joy.

However, if you are currently experiencing a period of low vibration, you are more likely to experience feelings of frustration, anger, sadness or depression.



2. Creativity.

These 6 Signs Of The Universe Will Test Your True Vibration

True creativity requires being in touch with one’s deepest being, expressing one’s deepest feelings and desires through a creative outlet, such as painting, music or writing.

If you find that you are very creative and are looking for opportunities for creative expression on a regular basis, this is a sign that you have high vibratory energy. If this energy vibrates much lower, you will probably face a creative block.



3. Check your environment.

Even if you may not realize it, your vibrations can affect not only your life and yourself but your environment as well. Take a moment to look around, are you in a positive place with flourishing houseplants and a good general mood or is your environment darker?

The world around you is directly related to what’s going on inside.

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4. Listen to your body.

These 6 Signs Of The Universe Will Test Your True Vibration

Do not neglect the message your body is trying to send you. Do you have inexplicable pain, headache, stiffness or nausea? Do you find that you get sick more easily than those around you, catching an illness if you look at someone who is sick? Do your cuts and scratches take longer to heal? These are all warning signs that you have low vibratory energy.



5. Watch for repeating numbers.

When you live in a high vibration state, you are more likely to receive messages from the Universe. These are often in the form of repeated numbers(synchronicities).

Pay attention to addresses, phone numbers, license plates and any other place where you might see numbers. These can be in the form of repetitive numbers such as 111, 3333 or an increasing series such as 1234. A decreasing series such as 4321 indicates that your vibrations are lower.

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6. Success in life.

Your vibratory energy has a direct impact on your ability to succeed in everything you do in life, building and propelling your future. However, if you live with low vibratory energy, you will have the opposite experience.

Your energy will hold you back and demolish you, preventing you from any meaningful accomplishment.

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