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14 Signs that You Have Managed to Fuse Your Light with Your Darkness

We are all made up of light and darkness, so it is essential to maintain the balance between the two to achieve inner peace. We generally think of light and darkness as two opposites at war with each other, but that is false.

These two elements are not really in competition, they are simply doing their best to prosper in this world. Without light and darkness, we could not stay alive. We are conditioned to make our own decisions between good and evil, love and hatred, and so on.

With some effort and some work, you can merge these two energies into one. Light and darkness can come together, but for that, you must be aware of both energies and their importance. We need to think more positively about negative things and consider why they are here. For example, when you are scared, enjoy what it tells you. Fear helps us protect ourselves.

If you think that your light and your darkness are already merging but that you need some insurance, check the list below:


1. You no longer let confrontation dominate your life.


2. You accept your darkness.


3. You are no longer so interested in movies and things of this nature.


4. You notice more synchronicities now.

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5. You appreciate nature more.


6. Your mind connects things differently now.


7. You forgive people more easily.


8. You get along well with your partner.


9. There has been an improvement in all your relationships.


10. You are able to connect with people now, without imposing yourself.


11. You see kindness in everyone and everything without needing to highlight what is wrong in the world.


12. Your ego is no longer oversized.


13. You are now looking for problems and solutions inside and not outside.


14. You are more cooperative and benevolent.

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