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The Spiritual Meaning of the Lotus Flower! What Are its Powers?

In this article, we will see the incredible meaning of the lotus flower.

Much of the sacred symbolism that refers to this flower comes from its relationship with the elements of water and fire. The lotus, in fact, grows in the water, for this reason, it becomes a natural connection to the concepts of the element such as dreams, emotions, intuitions, awareness, purification.

The lotus flower opens every morning in front of the rising sun. This is the solar connection of the lotus, with the fire element which also represents the pure spirit that arises from the “dirty” waters of the emotional mind.

This is not guided by the higher mind but detaches itself from materiality producing a beautiful flower (the illumination that has purified everything through experience), also connecting to the symbolisms belonging to fire such as passion, vitality, revelation, clarity, life, and vision.




Keywords related to the lotus flower and symbolic meanings:

  • Life
  • Clarity
  • Brightness
  • Opening
  • Renewal
  • Devotion
  • Creation
  • Firmness
  • Direction
  • Revelation
  • Awareness
  • Lighting

The profound meaning of this flower is connected with spiritual purity, for example, Buddha is seen emerging from the lotus. In fact, the mantra “Om mani Padme Hum”  means “greetings to the lotus jewel” referring to Nirvana.

Observation, meditation and focus on the flower encourage one to have an eye on other worlds, the spiritual ones.

The lotus flower is a portal of magnificent awareness and many masters (ancient and modern ones) recognize this enchanting power, so a locus tattoo could become a reminder of the royalty present within us all.

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Cultural symbolism of the lotus flower:


  • The human heart
  • Unmanifested potential
  • The universal creation process
  • The eight petals become the 8 directions in space and time
  • Increasing awareness from chaos (blooms from cloudy water)

It has purely feminine qualities; among the Egyptian, Hindu and Japanese cultures one recognizes the theme of birth and renewal through the lotus.

The flowers that emerge from the water, with distinctly delicate characteristics of the lotus, recall feminine qualities. Egyptian, Hindu, Japanese and Indian cultures recognize the theme of birth and renewal through it.

If you are going through a period of rebirth, entering a new phase of your life, this symbol is right for you to increase your inner vision and know which is the right way to go.

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