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Humanity Is Going Through a Critical Period in Its History! Will You Choose Light or Fear?

At this moment when humanity is going through a critical period in its history, this can be seen as a portal to a tunnel or an abyss. The decision to fall into the hole or to go through the tunnel is up to you.

We are bombarded with news, stuck indefinitely on our TV sets. And all this is turning into stress and psychological exhaustion.

We must take this opportunity to look, to think about life and death, to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. If you have decided to use this period as a spiritual transformation then read on:



Take care of your body by eating, sleeping well, and exercising.

Use your spirituality, your medium gifts. Like a living stone, enter into the constitution of your Spirit, and explore your thoughts, beliefs and spiritual barriers. Get in touch with your higher self and become aware of what connects you to a higher entity. Anyone looking inside sees what we all have in common.

Do not lose your spiritual dimension because of this crisis, but look beyond it. Like a bird, take the height, and have a view of the whole.

There is a social demand in this crisis, but there is also a spiritual demand. The two go hand in hand. Without the social dimension, we sink into intolerance. And without the spiritual dimension, we sink into despair and lack common sense. You are predisposed to get through this crisis. So take your toolbox and use everything you have.




Learn more about the resistance of the massacred, exterminated people.

Take inspiration from their fight and resistance. Sing, dance, don’t feel guilty about being happy during this difficult time. The world needs your smile, not your sadness. Your ‘attitude’ pours into the Universe. And it is with joy that we resist.

In addition, when this storm passes, you will have played an important role in the reconstruction of the new world. You must be strong and not crack. And, for this, it is essential to maintain good energetic vibration.

This fundamental state of mind allows the body to maintain health and development capacity. It is a strategy of resistance.  In shamanism, there is a rite called “the quest for vision (quest for light”).

Since ancient times, the human being goes towards isolation, deprivation of food and water to give way to the “Modified States of Consciousness”, which will allow him to approach the divine. Basically, the quest for vision is a Native American ancient passage ritual, Sioux Lakota.

This powerful shamanic experience invites you to spend a few days alone, in the forest, without water, without food, without protection. And when you manage to go through this portal, you get a new vision of the world, because you have faced difficulties and your fears.

This is what is asked of you now. So take advantage of this time to complete this ritual on the quest for vision.

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What world do you want to build?

For now, you need to find serenity in this storm. Calm your mind, meditate, pray. Establish a daily routine to welcome the “sacred” into your life.

Good things happen, and the energy you are propelling now is the most important thing! Bring art to life through song or dance. Keep hoping.

“If sometimes the spell is going after you
to the point of wanting to give up,
keep on going,
do not stop,
hold on to life.
Look around you
the city, the beauty of nature.
Let the sun warm your heart
and the wind chase away your dark ideas. ”
~ A.I




What is the quest for vision, or the quest for light:

It comes from the Sioux Lakota Indians of North America, it is a shamanic rite of passage, based on a phase of symbolic death and rebirth, which has been imagined so that each quest for vision allows us to reconnect to our own roots, to the wild man or woman that we are originally, and to the universal teachings, so as to develop our own gifts and know what we are called to do to contribute to a better world.


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