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5 Signs that Indicate you May be a Lightworker Without Knowing it

A lightworker is someone who wants to see great healing in the world emerge, feeling able to detect subtle therapeutic energies, and who must have had mystical enlightenment for a moment in his life, in this current life or in a past life. Have people ever told you that you have a pure heart? Do you appear as someone warm and affectionate? You may be a lightworker.

Here are some other signs:


1. Total isolation seems normal to you.

Time alone has never been spent inappropriately when you were a child or an adult. You enjoy isolation because it is easy for you to detect the moods of people around you.



2. You want to help people.

Lightworkers are people who are here to heal the Earth. This is not necessarily the kind of Reiki healing, which is the passage of “healing energy” through the hands, but living the healing of physical problems related to the world, such as poverty, war, and famine.



3. You respect all lives.

You probably find acts of cruelty to animals disgusting, and the process of preparing and eating meat can sometimes even disgust you. You find that every form of life is precious and deserves our respect.

The destruction of the environment makes you particularly cringe. You want to protect life on this planet.



4. You are rebellious and you do not feel like you belong to something.

You tend to rebel against authority and you have a wary eye on government and culture. You have the strange feeling of being a weird person in this society.

However, this is common since our culture is part of destruction; which is the opposite of what you are looking for.


5. You feel in harmony with the cosmos.

When you look at the night sky, you feel at peace. You feel as if you were at home. You admire the cosmos around you. It would seem that your whole existence is in favor of learning and improving living conditions.

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  1. Kev

    I find this lock down therapeutic, have deep conversations with myself. Life is slower and I have noticed nature more.

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