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Mercury Goes Retrograde October 13th – Here’s What to Do and What to Expect

Almost all of the major planets have regular retrograde periods in astrology, during which they seem to go backward on their usual course and ask us to slow down and reflect in the areas of our lives governed by that planet.

But the most discussed of all retrogrades are the retrograde periods of Mercury, and these frustrating transits occur three times a year and last about three weeks. They are known to cause all kinds of problems in communication, planning, technological devices, and beyond.

The reason why Mercury’s backspins often feel like the most chaotic retrograde of all is probably that they occur more frequently than other planetary retrogrades (other planets reverse their course from once a year to once every two years) and because Mercury in Astrology rules over so many daily aspects of our lives, including thinking, timing, travel, communication, and information sharing.

That said, when its energy goes into the reflect/refine/review mode during a retrograde and those things don’t work properly, it can create a frustrating experience at work and in your social life. So what is the next retrograde period for Mercury, you may ask? Mercury retrograde for Autumn 2020 begins on October 13th and marks Mercury’s last retrograde cycle of the year.

Taking place in the deep, emotional waters of Scorpio (and ending up in Libra for a brief stint), this energy asks you to focus on how you communicate your emotional needs, handle private affairs, and deal with secrets and the intimate truths that might come to the surface.

Keep reading to find out what to do/expect, as well as the dates of each upcoming Mercury retrograde period so they don’t catch you by surprise.

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Prepare for communication clashes:

Mercury governs communication, so when it is retrograde we are likely to misinterpret other people’s information or say something we don’t mean.

Think before you speak and choose your words wisely to avoid confusion, and proofread all your texts and emails before clicking “send” to make sure you’re not saying the wrong thing to the wrong person.



Your schedule won’t look good:

Timing is inevitably turned off during Mercury’s retrograde, so don’t be shocked if other plans end up getting canceled at the last minute or if you accidentally miss a Zoom meeting or two because you’ve mixed up your time zones.

Try to adopt a more fluid attitude when it comes to managing your schedule during these times and give yourself extra time to get around, as Mercury governs transportation as well.




Try not to start new projects or sign paperwork:

Signing contracts, making major decisions or purchasing, or starting new projects are not recommended during a Mercury retrograde period.

We are more likely to miss an important detail or be confused when reading through the fine print, which makes it likely that we will regret the decision later. Try to postpone any new business or deal until the retrograde period is complete.

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Your tech devices might start acting up:

Because Mercury governs our ability to share information, its retrograde periods can have a major effect on our technological devices so don’t be surprised if your apps crash or your laptop stops working.

Backing up all of your files before a retrograde begins is always a good idea.



Mercury retrograde can also be helpful:

Mercury retrogrades aren’t inherently a bad thing. If you know what to expect and take the necessary precautions, you can use them as tri-annual check-ins to reassess where you are and recalibrate your compass to make sure you get to where you want to go.

Make the extra effort to slow down, think, and avoid any major trips or decisions, and you’ll come out of it even more clear-headed than before.



Calendar for the upcoming Mercury retrogrades:

Now that you know all the antics that come along with Mercury retrograde periods, mark your calendar for the backspins coming through the rest of this year and next.

  • Mercury retrograde Autumn 2020: October 13 – November 3.
  • Mercury retrograde Winter 2021: January 30 – February 20.
  • Mercury retrograde Summer 2021: May 29 – June 22.
  • Mercury retrograde Autumn 2021: September 27 – October 18.


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