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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Experience the Best May 2020

May is approaching and although the spring season is fully in force, the Taurus season is not to be outdone. Thanks to the sun’s proximity to Uranus, there may be a few surprises in store this month. But for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, May 2020 will be the best month, and there is a ton of good news to come.

Although the essence of Taurus led by Venus is known to be serene and stable, this season could not be more opposite given all that is going on in the world. However, the show must go on, and this May will be a memorable month. Pluto stationing retrograde in April has launched a domino effect, and four other celestial bodies will also soon begin retrograde in May (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and the asteroid Pallas Athena).

More than half of the zodiac will experience these retrograde cycles firsthand, while the rest will experience an overall change. Because retrograde cycles consist of going inward and reflecting on your personal environment, you should not be afraid to journey within yourself during this period.

Before the full moon of Scorpio on May 7, the North Node – a celestial compass guiding the collective – will go into Gemini and the South Node – a symbol of what you must let go of – will enter Sagittarius. This will change the direction of the collective for the better, so stay tuned.

Discover why Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn will have the best May 2020:



Taurus: You are blessed and you know it

Cheers to another magical journey around the sun, Taurus. It’s your month of birth and even if you have no choice but to celebrate things differently this year, somewhere deep inside you know you wouldn’t do it any other way.

Venus, your governing planet, will retrograde in May, but rest assured knowing that the planet is also living its best life in your second home of wealth, talent, and unique goods in search of pleasure.

No one likes it when their governing planet isn’t working to its full potential, but it doesn’t hurt to stop and reflect on the material and spiritual wealth you’ve accumulated so far. Everything from your ability to make money to what makes you really happy will likely be examined, so open your mind and think about your long-term desires.




Virgo: You reimagine your personal brand

You love everything about organization and contribution, Virgo. Fortunately, this will be your priority this month, so be sure to put your best foot forward.

However, when looking to the future and thinking about your personal goals, Venus will retrograde through your ambitious 10th house of professionalism, sense of authority, and destiny in the world. Focusing on your hopes, wishes, and dreams is about to become a priority if it has not already been done.

Whether you’re having conversations with like-minded groups of people who inspire you with their work ethic or just thinking about your overall professional value, don’t sell yourself short just yet.

You know what you are capable of and it is time to show the world. With Pluto retrograding through your fifth house of glory, love, and expressive happiness, you are finally ready to be recognized for all your hard work.




Capricorn: You reflect on your personal progress

Take a good look around you, Capricorn. Do you like what you see? You’ve done it all by yourself and you’ve come a long way too.

Now that Saturn, your strict governing planet, has entered Aquarius via your second house of finance, values, and self-esteem, you might suddenly find yourself preoccupied with details such as how much money you earn now compared to the amount of work you’ve put in (and these feelings will become particularly known during the retrograde of Saturn through Capricorn).

However, instead of punishing yourself and feeling trapped in the past, this is your chance to think about the future and work diligently toward your future. Even if you are the traditional type, the universe challenges you to take a less conventional route.

While something tells me you’re ready to venture into unfamiliar territory, Venus retrograde in your sixth house of due diligence might make you think otherwise. Treat yourself and don’t think so much. Listen to your heart. It is time for something new and exciting.



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