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Our Frustrations Will Diminish as Mars is Going Direct November 13th

For some time now, there has been a lot going on in the celestial world that made us nervous, but that is about to change. Now that Mercury is direct and Mars is about to be direct as well, things will return to normal.

Mars stations direct on the 13th of this month (November), which means the planet will no longer retrograde and that brings a lot to the table. Instead of being all over the place, we will be able to think more clearly and understand the feelings that we are actually feeling. That in itself is really going to lighten the mood for a lot of us.

When Mars retrogrades, the tensions are usually quite high and frustration is inevitable. Mars direct will bring us more freedom and let us free ourselves from the chains that we have been dragging for so long. This planet rules over a lot and it moving properly is something we should all be hoping for.

Of course, it will take a little while for things to clear up properly, but that doesn’t mean we won’t feel better quickly. Even just a few days after this planet goes direct, things will start to change. The more time passes, the more harmony we will find. This planet is all about action after all.

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Regarding the energies that Mars going direct will bring:

Retrograde Mars is a confusing time as the intense influence of Mars can make it clear to us where we can make improvements that will pack the most punch. But at the same time, the movement of Mars in the “wrong” direction makes it nearly impossible to focus that motivation and turn it into action.

When Mars goes direct, we will suddenly see ways to overcome obstacles to success. If you haven’t been able to start a project or express yourself clearly to a partner or friend, the warrior planet will suddenly show you how and keep you going.

Rather than remaining confused, we are all about to be able to see things as they are. The things we were obsessed with while this retrograde was present will no longer be so irritating and the path ahead will be something we can see clearly. Direct Mars brings a lot of clarity and it’s something that many of us have needed for quite some time now.

We will be more aware of ourselves and those around us. The issues with the people close to you will start to go away and the problems you are having will not be as bad as they used to be. Mars is a powerful planet and has a lot in store for all of us.

Don’t worry too much about all of this, although it looks like a wild ride, it will turn out just fine. The more we embrace the success to come and face the opportunities that lie before us, the more we will advance in life. Good things are coming and we should be proud of how far we have come.

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