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How the 11/11 Energy Portal 2020 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

November is here and with that, we are getting closer and closer to the day of 11/11. This means November 11 itself. For those who may not know it, this date holds great power.

It brings energies of passion and healing while really keeping us on our toes. On an energetic level, this date will do wonders for most of us. To see what this magical day has in store for you, take a look at your sign below




ARIES AUGUSTFor Aries, this date will help you recognize the changes you need to make in your life. You’ve been going back and forth with some things for a while now, but the path before you will finally be visible.

I know, it’s not always easy, but you are on your way to getting to where you want to be.





TAURUS AUGUSTFor Taurus, this date could really make you realize that the situation you find yourself in is not ideal.

You try really hard but things don’t change the way they should. Maybe moving on is your best bet at this point.





GEMINI AUGUSTFor Gemini, this date will bring out the best in you. You’ve been down for a long time now, but things are finally getting better.

Don’t take the moment before you for granted.





CANCER AUGUSTFor Cancer, this date is going to make you feel like you’re finally doing things right because you are.

You see through those who wish to hurt you and who are making strides to improve your life. Keep up the good work.

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LEO AUGUSTFor Leo, this date will really prepare you to see things as they are. Your guardian angels are all around you and you really do a lot for those around you.

These good deeds don’t go as unnoticed as you might think.





VIRGO AUGUSTFor Virgo, on this date, you will truly feel yourself. You are a hard worker, but you need a break and that’s exactly what you’re going to get on the 11th.

Treat yourself, you deserve it.





LIBRA AUGUSTFor Libra, on this date, you will realize how much more you are in tune with your higher self. You have grown so much this year and your growth is nowhere over.

I know, it’s not easy to come to terms with, but you are seemingly unstoppable right now.





SCORPIO AUGUSTFor Scorpio, this date will remind you that not everyone in your life deserves to be in your life.

Sometimes moving on is your best bet. Take the signs as they are and stop ignoring them.

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SAGITTARIUS AUGUSTFor Sagittarius, this date will show you that you made a lot of mistakes and how to correct them. Although you can’t turn back time, you can apologize.

Things are not as they should be, but your efforts will not be forgotten.





CAPRICORN AUGUSTFor Capricorn, on this date, the world around you will feel like it is moving much slower. You need to relax and calm down.

Going too fast will only get you in trouble.





AQUARIUS AUGUSTFor Aquarius, on this date, you have to show yourself the love that you show to everyone.

Taking care of yourself is important, and you aren’t always the one seeing it right. There are new beginnings waiting for you.





PISCES AUGUSTFor Pisces, on this date, you’ll feel like you’re ready to embrace the unknown because you are. Stop holding back and take things in front of you.

These types of opportunities do not come often.

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