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5 Planets Will Be Retrograde in November 2020, Here’s How They Will Affect Us

If you are feeling totally disappointed that Halloween is over, don’t worry. October could technically be the scariest month of the year, but November certainly has a few things up its sleeve. However, if you’d much rather deal with monsters, demons, and ghouls than a  planetary retrograde, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

November is nowhere near as bad as October for all “retrograde” business. Even though five planets will be retrograde in November 2020, there is a lot more to the story than you might think.

A retrograde is when a planet undergoes apparent retrograde motion. The reason the term “apparent” is used is that planets do not literally move backward in their orbits; they just seem to be doing it from your perspective here on Earth (aka Gaia). The reason this matter is because Astrology is interested in Gaia’s perspective.

There are a number of things that happen during a planetary downshift. For example, a retrograde can turn a planet’s energy inward rather than outward, encouraging a more introspective and thoughtful approach to the overall function of the planet in astrology.

Additionally, as a retrograde planet technically traces its previous steps through the zodiac, it tends to bring up issues from your past that have not been resolved. Also, a retrograde likes to create confusion and disharmony (especially if you are dealing with an inner planet).

Fortunately, no new retrogrades are starting and a few even end in November. Retrogrades often come out with a bang so here’s what you need to know:




Mercury retrograde: October 14th – November 3rd

Mercury retrogradeLuckily, you’re only dealing with what’s probably your least favorite retrograde for the first three days of November. Mercury is the planet of communication and logic, so this retrograde tends to cause misunderstandings, technological errors, and confusion.

Mercury retrograde ends on November 3rd, which is also Election Day in the United States, in case you ever wondered what a trickster Mercury could be.

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Mars retrograde: September 9th – November 13th

Retrograde Mars 2020 The Universe Asks Us to Be PatientMars Retrograde is not a walk in the park. Mars is the planet of conflict, sexuality, and ambition, and when it is retrograde it is a real pain. This can cause dizziness and aggressive pushes.

It can also cause problems in the bedroom and take away any motivation to get things done. Luckily, it also helps you familiarize yourself with what makes you truly passionate in life, and by the time that ends on November 13th (aka Friday the 13th), you’ll have a better understanding of what it is.




Neptune retrograde: July 23rd – November 28th

The Neptune Retrograde Is Here, June 23, 2020You may not notice that Neptune is retrograde so intensely due to the fact that Neptune is an outer planet. However, don’t underestimate the impact it can have.

Since Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasies, and illusions, retrograde Neptune can take off your rose-colored glasses and show you reality. It can also reduce the overall glow and creativity. When retrograde Neptune ends on November 28th, it will be easier to drift into daydreams and romanticize everything.

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Uranus retrograde: August 15th – January 14th (2021)

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Undergo Positive Changes in Their Lives This Uranus RetrogradeLike Neptune, Uranus is also an inner planet, which makes its retrograde less frightening than it looks. Uranus is the planet of abrupt change, eccentricity, and innovation.

When Uranus is retrograde, it encourages you to embrace a deep change within. While the rest of the world might feel like they’re staying the same, you notice how much you change. This retrograde will not end until January 14th, 2021.




Chiron retrograde: July 11th – December 15th

chiron retrogradeChiron retrograde is a great time for therapy. This is because this planet (which is technically an asteroid) is known as the “wounded healer” in astrology. It deals with your deepest wound and your lifelong mission to heal that wound.

When in retrograde, Chiron can help you look within and uncover the root of your insecurities, your pain, and the feeling that something is missing. Embrace the process, and by the end of December 15th, you might just feel a lot more whole.

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