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Psi Ball – What Is It and How to Make It in 5 Minutes

Psi is a form of energy and psi balls are nothing but energy balls. You and your Psi energy from your mind and hands can form the psi ball. This ball can also acquire forms other than round.

To start making the psi ball, you must first feel the energy in your hands. This is easily accomplished by holding your hands in front of you as if you are performing a prayer. Then rub your hands gently to create small amounts of heat.



1. Feel the energy of the psi ball in your hand.

Feel the energy of the psi ball in your hand.Feel the warmth in your palms and start to slightly separate your arms around 1-2 cm. You will notice that there is little difference in the feeling of warmth in your hands.

If you have lost the feeling of warmth, put your hands together and rub them again.

Once you feel the heat when your hands are divided into 1-2 cm, increase the distance by 3-4 cm.

The feeling of energy should change, but you should still be able to feel the energy. Then bring your hands together and feel how the energy changes.

You can do several gatherings and distances of your hands to get some kind of hopping movement. After a while, you will feel that the energy in your hands begins to compress.




2. Compress the energy ball.

Continue to move your arms as described above. After a while, you should start to feel the energy in the form of a balloon in your hands. Then you need to spread your hands a little to allow the energy to develop.

Basically, you are stretching the energy between your hands. As you get your hands together, you compress this energy. Throughout the compression of energy between your palms, the focus should be constantly in your hands and the energy between them.




3. Making the psi ball with extra energy.

Making the psi ball with extra energy.All the energy here comes from the fact that you use your mind to extract energy from the universe and compress it into the psi ball. It is important not to use your own power to build the psi ball.

This will physically exhaust you and make you eccentric and difficult to communicate. The universe has an infinite resource of energy, so why not use a little of it?

The key here is visualization. Visualize a stream of pure white light coming from the center of the universe and going down to your head.

You can allow this white light to fill your entire body, leaving you energized. Once you have filled this energy, imagine how it descends on your hands and stays between your palms.

Continue to compress the psi ball as you continue to collect the energy flowing from your hands. When the ball starts to grow, move your hands forward-backward until it is as large as you want.




What should you do after you create the psi ball?

Again, it depends on you personally, but it’s best to use it for something. Too much collection of Psi balls around you can cause undue stress on your emotions. Some possibilities are:

  1. Program the energy to do a specific function for you.
  2. You can determine where to store the energy and use it later to create a larger ball.
  3. Restore the energy to the ground.


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