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How to Start Developing Your Psychic Abilities

You can learn powerful and effective ways to develop your own psychic abilities and use them to awaken your higher consciousness. With a better understanding of these innate skills, re-learned through exercises as presented in this article, you can become the multidimensional being that you are destined to be.

By connecting with all parts of yourself, not just the visible human part, you can remember why you are here and the gifts you have to share with this world.

Everyone has the ability to channel psychic energy for the benefit of oneself and many. By psychic energy, I mean that force that comes to us from beyond our physical world to help us integrate all our parts and express them in this third-dimensional reality. “Use the force, Luke.” Yes, that’s about the strength I’m talking about, even though it can be used in ways much more conceivable and practical than Luke’s learning.



Awakening psychic abilities will change your life.

Awakening psychic abilities will change your life

When I started to learn psychic openness with those who had taken this path before me, I immediately recognized that I did have innate internal skills that were dormant and waiting for me to rediscover them. I knew instantly that I had always had the ability to sense energy with my hands, for example, and that I could learn to feel and see in myself and around me with more than just my physical senses.

I realized that no matter what I had spent in my previous years on this planet, convinced that I could or could not do it, none of that was relevant anymore. Clearly, I could do and feel things that I had not learned in my life – which meant that I had brought these skills with me or that they were part of this world accessible to everyone who seeks, or both.

Anyway, learning to wake up my psychic abilities has dramatically changed my life and showed me that everyone can live here with more awareness and an honest expression of their hidden gifts.

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You can learn to see and feel other dimensions.

I should say here that when you start to access your natural psychic abilities, you may notice changes in your life. This may be due to a change in perception of the nature of life. It can also come from other people around you who are actually changing to fit your image of reality, as one of my psychic advisers explained.

You see, we really determine a lot of our own reality in this world, and a change of focus can bring many changes in life. You will need to determine for yourself whether you are ready or willing to make this change happen.

Everyone has latent psychic abilities that can be developed and used to expand a person’s field of reference. This means that you can learn to see beyond the three-dimensional world (3d) in which we live; to see literally a world that exists in us and beyond the 3D consciousness.

The main reason for learning to see a new plan of reference is to become more aware of the changes that are happening in your life and to work with these changes to generate a more productive and conscious human reality.

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Exercises to open your psychic abilities.

Here is a series of excellent starting exercises to awaken your own psychic or intuitive abilities. Remember, these are just starting points. There is a lot to learn and practice when you open up this way. We recommend that, whenever possible, you work with a qualified teacher, in person or online. And start slowly, nothing is urgent to expand your consciousness and rediscover your real gifts. Let them arrive at the right pace for you.

When doing each of these exercises yourself, it is helpful to sit down for a moment, to relax first and to close your eyes when it seems appropriate. And when you’re done, take the time to immerse yourself in your body before you get up and go back to the physical world.


1. Feel a ball of energy with your hands.

Feel a ball of energy with your hands

Hold your hands in front of you, about 18 inches apart, palms facing each other. Imagine that you can feel a ball of energy between them. When you start to feel something, move your hands and see if you can continue to feel it. Vary the distance and the size of the ball, from basketball to baseball, through the exercise ball, etc., maintaining the feeling of energy.



2. The cord of earth in the earth.


Imagine a rope from the top of your head to your feet and into the earth through your spine. See with your inner eye this cord that sinks deeply into the earth and anchors you to the planet.

Feel the energy of the cosmos flowing through this cord as far as possible on the planet, as you can see. You can feel a sense of peace knowing that you are rooted and connected to both the planet and the universe.



3. Star of the earth above and below you.

The cord of earth in the earth.

Once again, with your eyes closed, imagine a little star one foot or two above your head and another one at the same distance under your feet. Imagine that light, or energy flows from the upper star to the lower star as if you could feel the universal energy connecting you to the sky and the Earth.

Let the energy flow in both directions, through your body and your being.



4. Detect the aura.

Here is the one you can do with yourself or with another person. Imagine that you can keep your hands away from your body or someone else’s. Feel your palms feel the energy around the body. You may feel the heat, tingling, or other sensations.

Move your hands and see if you can keep feeling. If you work with another person, see how far you can get away from the person while feeling the sensation. You feel the presence of the aura, the field of human energy.



5. Open and close the third eye.

With your eyes closed try to see the third eye, the eyebrow chakra just above and between the physical eyes. See how open this area is or not. Give it a percentage if you can. If it’s not very open, imagine it a little more, maybe 10 or 20% more.

Experiment gently with the opening and closing of different quantities, and see what is comfortable for the moment. Is it more comfortable to open farther, or less? You can feel sensations there. For now, set the opening of this chakra somewhere in your comfort range.

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6. Adjust all the chakras of the body.

Adjust all the chakras of the body

Visualize your chakras, one at a time, from the root chakra at the base of the spine to the crown chakra at the top of the head. As you stop at each one along the path, watch each chakra, first at the front and then at the back (yes, there is a front and back of the chakras). As you did with the third eye above, imagine each chakra that opens and closes.

Imagine what percentage each is open and experiment with different quantities. Set each chakra where it suits you before moving on to the next. When you finish at the top of your head, imagine that your entire body feels centered and balanced, all the chakras working in perfect alignment with each other to transmit universal energy freely through the body.

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7. See/detect blockages of energy in the body.

Sitting peacefully alone, eyes closed, start looking at your inner body. Imagine that you can see what’s going on inside. You can see current process visions or what you think is happening. You can also see colors or movement patterns representing the flow of energy.

Imagine that you can see places where this energy does not flow freely. It may appear as a dark color, a stagnant movement or some other way. There may even be some kind of message.

When you find these places blocked, see if you can improve the movement of energy by bringing your consciousness to these places. Imagine the energy flowing freely through them.



8. Read the colors of another person.

This is an extension of the previous exercise, but this time you are working with another person (with his agreement of course). Sit facing this person, a few feet away. With your eyes closed, imagine that you can see the energy field of this person, the aura that surrounds the body and also inside the body. How does energy flow in and around the body? What colors and patterns do you see? Tell the other person what you see and if you have intuitive interpretations, knowing that you both learn this process and can decide how the information resonates with you or not. Swap roles if the other person is also doing this work.

We can learn to understand each other and understand our behaviors from a more expansive point of view. We can think of ourselves as part of a larger whole than what we see or know with our physical senses alone. We can literally become an enlarged being with more connection to a universe of knowledge and consciousness. Learning to use and share your psychic abilities can give you a much broader sense of yourself and your reason for existence.

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