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4 Ways the Spirit of Your Loved Ones uses to Contact You

Most people have had to deal with the death of their loved ones at some point in their lives and this can be very difficult. In these difficult times, even the smallest message or sign could really help to make peace with this painful ordeal.

These are 4 means used by the spirit of a loved one who tries to get in touch with you:


1. Through other people.

A stranger in the street may look exactly like your deceased loved one. It may even sound so familiar, that you really feel that the face of your loved one is on the face of the other person. It can also mean that your loved one is saying hello.

It is a common way for spirits to contact their loved ones. Spirits can also appear in other people’s dreams and if you wonder why they are not just coming into your dream, the answer can be quite simple. Maybe you are just not ready to see them. This is usually due to grief, so it’s hard to recognize the signs.



2. Through signs and synchronicities.

When a series of strange things happen on the same day and you continue to think that it can not be a coincidence, it probably is not. It can be a sign of a spirit.

Most signs are subtle and almost imperceptible if you do not pay attention. The spirit will probably not emit big blatant signs in your home with a sign that says hello mom, but the “hello” can be found in little things like someone giving you the favorite flowers of your loved one or stumble on an old map of him.

Many are not specific signs and this may not have been something you asked for, but if you’re wondering if it’s a sign, it’s probably the case.

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3. Through electricity.

Spirits can easily handle electrical and electronic devices. So watch for flashing lights or the radio that turns on/off suddenly or phones and other peripherals that work illogically. It can mean that a spirit is trying to contact you.

You are certainly looking for signs, especially if you are celebrating an event, a loved one can show you that he is celebrating it with you.



4. Through dreams.

When the spirit of a loved one contacts you in a dream, it may seem more realistic than a usual dream. You can even control your words and actions and feel more peaceful than usual.

It is also very common to wake up just after receiving the message of the dead person. So, if you wake up in the middle of the night, try to remember who and what was in your dream.

If you want to let your loved ones visit you, start writing your dream in a journal. In addition, before going to sleep, you can inform your loved one that you are ready for contact.

It’s really common for people not to notice the messages and not to understand that their loved ones are trying to get in touch with them. Now that you know the different ways that a spirit can come into contact with you, you can pay attention to every detail of your life, because a loved one may be saying hello.

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