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7 Bad Habits that Weaken Our Energy Field and How to Replace Them with Positive Ones

Everything in our universe and in our body is made up of energy. We, therefore, have an energy field that surrounds us and which describes the force of the energy which circulates there. However, because of everyday life, we often weaken our energy fields without getting into the habit of replacing what is lost.

This can leave us tired, without energy and aimless. This can make us feel depressed and also make us more vulnerable to psychic attacks. In turn, our quality of life will decrease, as will our health. And many of the things that leave us weak are bad habits that we could avoid and replace with healthier habits.



1. Addiction to drugs/alcohol.

Alcohol and drugs deplete our natural resources in the body, as well as our energy fields. This can make us feel weak, anxious, angry and depressed.

Try replacing the alcohol with a natural fruit and vegetable juice containing antioxidants.




2. Social media addiction.

In modern times, it’s okay to stay on your phone while scrolling through memes and funny videos. And even if it doesn’t hurt you, staying on the phone will eventually prevent your energy field from blossoming and leave you feeling less human.

Replace social media with brain puzzles, coloring, writing, and outdoor activities.




3. Bad sleep habits.

When we sleep too much or too little, it affects our energy field. This can lead to illness, a high level of anxiety and a depleted energy field.

Try to aim for 7 to 9 hours each night and set your alarm to be sure.

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4. Consuming large amounts of sugars/fats.

Diets high in bad fats and sugars not only harm the health of minds, bodies, and souls but can also weaken energy fields.

Protect yourself by balancing your diet and consuming lots of good fats, proteins, and fibers.




5. Staying too much indoors.

We live in an increasingly introverted world. If there is nothing wrong with spending time at home, alone, we must also enjoy the sun and communicate with nature.

Try to aim for an hour of walking outdoors when you can.




6. Watching too much television.

We have always heard the old adage, “Don’t stay too close to the TV, or you will go blind.” Well, I’m telling you, don’t watch too much TV, or your energetic body will suffer.

Instead, feed it by reading a good book.

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7. Negative thoughts.

We cannot all be sunny and rainbows, however, it is also necessary to be careful not to simply nourish our soul with negativity constantly.

Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and try to meditate mindfully.

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