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Saturn just Went to Capricorn and Until 2020 Life Will Not Be the Same

One of the most influential planets, Saturn controls our lives much more than you think. By learning more about Saturn and its mysteries, we are also learning more about the human being.

Like all other celestial bodies, the planet Saturn moves in different formations of stars and regions of space. Each time it enters a new zone, the energy of the planet undergoes a transformation.

Since it governs the constellation of Capricorn, the presence of Saturn at this point indicates that many things will happen. Even if we think that the influence of Saturn limits and blocks, there’s more than that.

You just need to dig a little deeper to find the truth. In fact, Saturn went into Capricorn some time ago and you probably never noticed it until now.

It is easy to confuse the theme of Saturn with that of negativity. The truth is that Saturn helps us find order and peace. Its influence makes us aware of our own limitations.

We realize where we need to put limits and understand the magnitude of our promises. It becomes easier to define one’s purpose in this world.

It is generally thought that authoritarian traits are represented by Saturn. When we were kids, we might not like to obey adults, but their instructions taught us to know the world. In the same way, Saturn also invites us to learn and broaden our horizons.

Now that we are halfway to 2019, it is time to think about what will happen next year. There is still a little bit of time before 2020, but time is going much faster than we think.

Saturn is already in Capricorn and it intends to stay there until March 21, 2020. Their combined energy will turn into a force to be reckoned with. For a brief moment, Saturn will enter Aquarius but will be in Capricorn again on July 2020.



When these two meet, their influence pushes us to introspect ourselves and understand ourselves.

Rather than look at the negatives, we begin to focus on all the good things we have received and the recognition of our work.

Saturn and Capricorn desire above all respect and will do everything in their power to deserve it. Those who deserve it will get what is due to them.

Hard work will be recognized and those who take shortcuts will pay the price. People can start wanting to take positions of power because they want to feel responsible.

Saturn is looking for simple, practical and honest solutions. There will be challenges but they are needed to determine the things we need to work on.

None of these things will happen quickly because Saturn believes that we must remain stable and balanced. Everything that needs to be done must also be done properly.

All of this can sometimes seem excessive, but this energy is very positive if we use it properly. Use these aspects well and you could achieve something you never thought possible before.

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