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We will Experience 7 Important Changes During the New Moon in Virgo, August 30

The predictions of this New Moon will be mostly focused on new beginnings.

The cycles of the Moon have more effect on us than many of us realize. It’s odd to think that something that happens so far can change our behavior or make us act in a certain way.

But here’s what to remember: if we are open to how the Moon can influence us, then we could experience some really positive changes. One of the most powerful periods of the lunar cycle is the New Moon, which barely appears as a flash in the sky.

Although it is not very imposing in the sky, however, a New Moon has astrological power and the New Moon in August is no different, considering these predictions.

A Full Moon is a time when emotions are strong and just about anything is possible, you might feel a little more at ease than usual, with some unpleasant mood swings. But a New Moon is a little different energy. While the Full Moon is about closing things up and letting go, a New Moon is about moving forward and doing something different.

That makes sense: a New Moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle, so for us, it can also be the beginning of something.

On August 30, the New Moon will rise in the sign of Virgo. How does this energy of the New Moon fit into the pragmatic energy of Virgo? Here are some forecasts of this New Moon to get an idea of ​​what you can expect.

7 important things to know about this New Moon on August 30, 2019:



1. You will feel the need to start something new.

A New Moon will always make you want to live something new, whatever the aspect of your life. It’s a period of change and a new beginning, so if you have goals, it’s time to start. This New Moon combines the energies of Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus.

The high levels of self-assertion, initiative, and goal-directed energy make it a great New Moon for launching new projects. While a New Moon with Mars alone would lead to self-assertion and impulsiveness, the addition of Mercury and Venus promotes harmony and cooperation. It will be time to do what you want.



2. You will feel more creative.

Something could motivate you even more to try something new is you will have a big boost for creativity, thanks to Venus and Mars. The aggression of Mars combined with the energy of Venus means that there will be a lot of passion and creativity to exploit.



3. It’s time to leave your comfort zone.

new moon virgo1

This same inspiration for change will leave you more than ready to come out of your comfort zone, after all, you have to do it to try something new. It might not even mean attacking your bigger goals. It may mean spending time with new friends, talking to a colleague you have never spoken with, or going to a new place.

You will feel more adventurous and curious than usual, which will really help you get into something new and exciting. And the sense of organization and hard work of Virgo will keep you on your guard.



4. Your love life could become more exciting.

The New Moon can even have an effect on your love life. Venus adds affection and tenderness to Mars’ primitive and raw drive. This perfect mix of love and self is perfect for looking for a soul mate.

You will feel more confident than you normally are, which will allow you to speak up and pursue what you want at work, at home and even with the person you are interested in.

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5. You will feel more structured and confident about yourself.

new moon virgo

The signs of Virgo are known to be efficient and orderly workers, which does not always please. They like to do things and do them right, they are structured, organized and ready for anything. The New Moon of Virgo is a period of pragmatic and structured growth.

This means that we will take a more consistent approach to improve ourselves.



6. You will want to help others.

Virgos are not just hard workers, they also tend to be really helpful people. Virgo is also a sign that wants to usefully serve the world, and this New Moon can be a way for us to tap into our more altruistic side and take care of humanity.

Use this time to put yourself in the shoes of someone who really needs you and help him, that will bring you great satisfaction.



7. There could be a more confrontational atmosphere.

However, it’s not just positive energy and creativity – this New Moon could also spark conflict. However, there may be a high risk of conflict because the Mars and Mercury planets can be hot and critical, especially in a sign that waits and wants perfection.

Make sure to think before you speak (to anyone) and take your time before embarking on something new. You may feel the need to start something new, but do not do it without thinking.

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