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Summer Solstice June 20th – Opening the Portal of the Spiritual Realm

This June 20 will bring us the longest day of 2020 as the Solstice occurs. The sun will position itself exactly at 0 degrees Cancer. As the day progresses for us, our neighbors from the southern hemisphere will experience the shortest day of this year.

After the Solstice of June 20, a strong solar eclipse will follow on the 21st. The weather will be electrifying because the North Pole of the Earth will be at the maximum tilt towards the bright sun. There are ancient belief systems that say that the Solstice opens the portal between this and the spiritual realm.




Spirits of nature will also display higher activity than usual.

The Spiritual Significance Behind the Summer Solstice - June 20th 2They will be more open to interacting with us humans and helping us in the quest for our soul. The solstice alone is important because it activates the spirits of nature, but it is also very special because it introduces the Solar Eclipse in Cancer.

It will be the best time to draw inspiration from natural beauty and work on our intuition. June 20 will officially mark the start of summer. What we need to do is take advantage of the abundance of nature and celebrate the time of high productivity.

The Sun will be at its full glory, and so we can harness its energies to revitalize our bodies, our minds and purify our souls. The powerful liberated energies will encourage us to speak of our minds and defend our position. It will also influence us to receive advice with open arms and with an open mind.

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For people living in the southern hemisphere, this solstice represents the start of winter.

It is best to honor and observe the calm of nature. Take a break and respect nature’s desire for solitude. As it will be a long night for people living in the southern hemisphere, you must withdraw within yourself and try to remember what happened. Once you think about it, you can go ahead with full closures.

The darkness of the night is fertile. Sow the seed you want to harvest in your future. Give yourself to the Solstice, connect with the spiritual world and you will emerge stronger.

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    June 20 is my birthday as well….any significance?

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